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    Ignore the sounds around and go on the right path to achieve your goal

    We will have our own targets and goals. These targets and goals will be set by ourselves and we try to achieve them.

    We have many people around us and they will have their own thoughts. Some will try to encourage others. Such people will encourage and advise us positively.

    But there will be some people who never like your progress and they always try to bring down your level of confidence. If we care for such people we will get depressed and we may not achieve the goals.

    We should be careful about such people and we should ignore them and the sounds made by them. At the same time, we should not leave the right path to achieve our goal.
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    Bit of good advise from the author and I immediately went to my learning experience days of scooter during 1980 when one of my friend who lend his scooter for my learning purpose has advised me to ignore sounds emanating from behind and do not change your lane discipline and thus I used to ignore those who are honking from behind either they should take my right or left but I would be going straight. Even in our real life we should not given heed to the advice and bickering from the people and enemies and be on our right path of progress which can assure us the best time of life. Even in the class there would be hooting against the teaching of teacher, but a dedicated teacher would go on and finish his teaching unmindful of protests. Even political leaders would not heed to protest voice in the meet.
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    As we strive to achieve our goals, those who are most desirable may come to the scene with different thoughts and ways than ours. There may even be clear and strong evidence to support their position. But let us not give up our way and goal for any reason. We know that the path we take will lead us to our goal. But if we listen to the advice of others, we may deviate from the path we were on. So no matter how desirable they are, their opposing voices should be rejected. In addition, even those who have never been close to us, sometimes pretending to be our mentors, may approach us with various pieces of advice. Such people can sometimes be too much. If we have a firm belief that our path is right and sufficient to reach the goal, then their thoughts and advice should be ruthlessly rejected as the constant cry of frogs. It will give us more energy and more excellence in our attitude and action towards our goal.
    Similar problems can occur in public life. Two months back, I had shared a thought about it under the headline "Learn to ignore the discordant noise..."

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    Yes, when you know you are walking the right path you should not get distracted by the noises around you. There are various people having various thought processes. Some of those thoughts may match with yours and some may clash. We need to choose the right one by applying our minds. The noises around us can be distracting but we need to focus on our goal. There are many students who stay in a noisy environment, yet they concentrate on their studies and do well in the exams. Students living in calm surroundings may not even imagine such noises their fellow's tolerate but you will find many of them reaching their target without difficulties. Concentration plays a great role here. The better is the concentration, the steadier is the person to reach the target.

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    I don't think we should mind these people who don't want us to progress and succeed. It is normal in our daily life. Most people are careless about other people, neither they harm nor benefit others as they are happy in their lives but some people have so much time to pull the legs of other people. These people are jealous of the success of other people.
    I think nobody wants to see us successful in our efforts. I think only parents are happy to see us successful and they want us to progress in this world of tough competition. Generally, siblings are always happy to see each other successful but sometimes, the time comes when your brothers and sisters become your enemy. I don't generalise it though but it happens in our society. It can't be ignored.
    It is often experienced and observed that after marriage two brothers feel acrimony for each other. Why does it happen with them?

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    When we set a goal in our life, many factors are related to that goal. We take many things into account when setting this goal. The road leading to the goal can be long or short, there are many obstacles in this path as well as many auxiliary paths. During this long journey, both our environment and the people around us make a lot of impacts. Some people will try to remove you from your goal, while on the other hand, some people will work as inspiration to achieve your goal. It is up to you to decide for yourself what kind of people you want to associate with. Adopt those who walk with you as support and motivation for you in achieving your goals. The author says is correct that we should not think about those people who actually not have good intension for us and these people try to pull back us from our goal.

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    The journey of life should have some purpose and you need to set some goals and for that an effort has to be made to achieve such goals. While your contemplating to achieve such goals, you will be obstructed with the contrary advice of some people distracting you from your present job. If you deviate from your path with their advice, you would face the biggest blunder. In fact, a well thought planning and sticking to the same can yield you positive results.
    You might have seen some youths trying over completing UPSC but he could not achieve the same twice facing the taunts from the different quarters. However his success at the third time shows his firm determination not minding the obstacles coming in his way and ultimately he was successful.

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