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    Social unrest would be the next reaction

    When the people are not heard, not given credence and not cared about their problem surely the crisis would deepen to a mass social unrest to which no government can face the unruly behavior of the affected people. Be it any matter the damage control exercise must be done and confidence building measures should be initiated. Otherwise the situation may turn violent to which the law enforcing authorities cannot involve and control. So the governments in power should always realize the guts of common man who can turn as enemy within to time and the rage of anger cannot be controlled.
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    It is not good for the people, society, rulers and the country to take things to the level of deep unrest. Remedial actions based on participative democratic principles should be taken and grievances redressed at the very beginning of signals of dissatisfaction, grievance or complaint. It is or that purpose that we have a very good system of representative democracy and elected representatives . Theyer should be more cordial and intimate ground level contacts and interactions so that a grievance, deficiency or lacuna is sensed at the very first instant and immediate remedial action taken.

    However if the unrest is unjustified, due to misguided motivation and vested interest, can cause harmful to the peace and co-existence of the people or the country and so cannot be allowed, then also it should be dealt with firmness and with needed force at the very start itself.

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    In a democratic country, it happens which the author has evinced but in India, it is said that situation is changing. They give an example of Anna movement against the UPA government . . the government bent down and accepted the demands of the protestors in a week or so. But now farmers have been protesting for more than six months but the government has not accepted their demands.
    In a democratic country, no government can face the anger of people because they may lose elections so they come to protestors and accept their demands. UPA had this fear so the government concurred with the protestors but now our government has no fear of losing the next elections. They are still confident that people will elect them.
    Nowadays there is so much commotion in U.P. but nothing will happen against the government. BJP will win the 2022 U.P. elections and then in 2024 Modi government will again win the Parliamentary elections.

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    In a democratic country, the government is formed through the mandate of the people and it is the duty of every government to respect that mandate. If the problems of the people are not heard, the problems will remain and will increase day by day. Just think of the situation in a family. If the problem of the youths in a family is not addressed a time may come when the youth will start revolting against the head of the family and there will be unrest inside the family. The same is applicable to a region or a country. Every government, be it in the states or at the centre has to keep this in mind and for the all-round development, all such grievances have to be addressed.

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    I don't think a common man will create any unrest. He is always busy earning and taking care of his family. If he is not happy with the government he will not vote for that party and may go for another party. They can't afford to stop going to their duties as many of them are daily wage earners.
    But political parties only create these unrests. All political parties want to be in power. They feel that by creating negative ideas about the government they can win the hearts of the public. So they pay money to the poor and engage them in creating this unrest. All parties behave in the same way when they are not in power. That is how this unrest starts in society. Added to the politicians there will be some anti-social elements and they will also help in creating this unrest. As long as poor people get money, food and drink they don't bother for going to processions and other agitations.

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    There is no doubt that a common man can overturn the power if he wants, after all, the creator of this power is also a common man, but at present, this power of man and his rights have been suppressed in such a way that he wants to but can't do anything alone. There is a need for such an organization that works honestly against injustice and this organization is formed by many common people together. Although the roots of corruption are spread everywhere and it is not so easy to ct them, but still if the common man wants then a lot is possible. The period of social unrest has come earlier in our history and this period has also taught a lesson to the deaf people of the society. This society is surrounded by many evils, but when it becomes too much, then there is bound to be an end to the evils.

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