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    How is weather in your area?

    The temperature is very high. Going out in sun invites sweating. Lockdown restrictions have been exempted during the day but people are making crowd in the market. I don't go out unless I have important work to do. I hesitate to go out because it is too much hot.
    Our country is very vast. It has different season and weather in different parts of the country. Last year, perhaps in December when farmer protest was on the peak I wrote in a thread that it was too cold for us then how farmers would be facing winter nights under the open sky, then two-three members including Dr Rao wrote that in Hyderabad they were using the fan as it was hot.
    Now how is the temperature in South India against more or less 45° Celsius in the Northern part?
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    The weather behavior has become unpredictable as we are experiencing three types of weather conditions in a single day. The drizzle, chilly and the hot summer. On Sunday midnight between 2 am to 7 am in the morning there was drizzling through out and we thought the monsoon has been started well before. But Yesterday it was too hot in the morning and afternoon and by evening late the chillness started. The weather behavior has become unpredictable and it is dangerous to changing weather in a single day for the small children and the elders. Some people started wearing sweaters during this hot summer thinking that chillness wold affect them. One thing is sure, we have to be careful with the weather conditions and plan our things accordingly otherwise if big occasions are planned that would go for a toss.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Here from last 5-6 days weather is very hot. Before that our area experienced heavy rainfall and hence it was not so hot in April and May. But June is proving really hot and it's difficult to get out even in the evening time. Hot winds are blowing heavily and hence there is no moistness in the surroundings. But as Mohan sir told that weather is unpredictable there, similar type of situation is prevailing in our area too. If rainfall occurs fhen it becomes quite chilly, and all fans and ACs are switched off. Otherwise sometimes a single minute without electricity appears difficult.

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    Now the weather cannot be fixed as before, due to climate change, the weather seems quite unpredictable behavior. These days the summer is not as hot as it used to be and the level of rain is now uneven. These days the heat in my area is not very high, but due to the clouds there is a lot of humidity and by the evening there is a light drizzle with a gentle breeze that stops after a while. From the evening onwards, the weather of cold air remains throughout the night, which looks pleasant.

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    It is very very hot. Very sultry. Not able to tolerate the sun. The air from the fan is also very hot. Sitting in a dress is becoming very difficult. This is the situation in the village where presently I was staying. In Hyderabad temperatures are high but it is not sultry.
    Without AC we are not able to sit happily. Too much water intake and everything is getting evaporated. Aged people are suffering a lot. The hotness is starting early in the morning and it will continue till 7 PM. In between one or two small rains were there. Not going out at all. In this village, we are getting all the items to our house by informing the vendor. They are arranging to send it. That is making us not move out. We are expecting a monsoon shortly and that may result in a reduction of temperature. I think this summer is the hottest summer I have seen in my lifetime so far.

    always confident

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