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    Modi has become God figure for youth by announcing free vaccines

    In a swift development that silenced the SC and opposition ruled states, PM Modi has announced the grand plan of free vaccines to the 18 plus population there by making instant connect with the youth who are readying to shell out 850 rupees to 1250 rupees per vaccine shot. Even the SC is now duty bound to hail the govt because passed strictures on the vaccine policy. And those opposition governments which want to make a killing on earnings through vaccines imported by them were now sent packing and silenced. At least now the members should appreciate this gesture.
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    The Supreme Court has to be congratulated for Modiji taking back his policy. The vaccine policy announced on April 19, 2021, came in for criticism all over the country and internationally. The Supreme Court has time and again asked the government to revisit the policy with no success. When the Supreme Court asked the government to submit all the data and file notings regarding vaccines produced, supplied, and many other data only, the government had no other go than to shift its policy once again. The supporters feel elated suppressing the fact that the government is forced to do so. The reasons for the government for its earlier shift in policy should also be made known to the public. The ego of a single person causing so much damage. People are losing all sense of reasoning trying to support the mismanagement of the government.
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    Mohan, Modiji is already a godly figure as far as his flatterers are concerned. But to project him as a supernatural figure when he changed the government policy fearing a backlash due to the interference of the Judiciary is something uncalled for. No criticism from the Supreme Court could shake him but an order asking the centre to furnish the details about the vaccine deals and also the details of the money that has been kept apart for the vaccination drive had an immediate reaction. Just think why it is so instead of going gaga over something that is a forced action with no other way in sight.
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    Who silenced whom? I am still unable to understand how this announcement is going to connect our PM with the youth. When there is so much mismanagement and a crisis over the availability of the vaccine, the top court had to step in. The youths, as well as the adults, are well aware of this fact and there is no need for a political figure to be admired and worshipped like a God. Decisions of the government in every aspect has to be for the betterment of the country and for that why should the people of any country think of the leader as a God? Can you please provide a detailed figure of how many youths in our country are ready to shell out 850 rupees to 1250 rupees for the vaccine when there is so much unemployment? Many of the staunch supporters of a political party revere their party leader like a God but that doesn't mean every other person in the country has to do the same.

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    These availability of vaccines free of cost a myth or reality? The main problem always wasn't only the price, but also the availability of the vaccines. How do you feel the youth gets connected when they aren't even able to book slots? Speaking specific, there aren't any slots for vaccine available in the coWin app from the start of may, let go of whether its paid/unpaid. But i feel here, Modiji by announcing free vaccines shifted the whole topic and became a hero. Being a citizen i at first want vaccines availability so that i can book one slot, instead of free/paid being the secondary issue.
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    The continued criticism from the Supreme Court and the demand of the opposition state governments somehow saw results. 25% of vaccines are given to private hospitals. A service charge of Rs.150. The price of the vaccine has not yet been determined. In addition to the service charge, it remains to be seen how much amount private hospitals will charge people for the vaccine.
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    So KVRR gets cash credit and Saji feels this post absurd and ISC may close this thread as somebody got benefited.
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    Let us see in what way the arrangements of the vaccination goes on with the time. As hinted by our PM, there will be free vaccine availability for the youths from 21 st June onward with the improved stocks by that time. Those interested to have the vaccination from the private hospitals need to pay the price of vaccination fixed by them.
    The declaration from our PM was necessary in the wake of shortage of vaccination for all age groups and this clarification has come timely to ease the tension of the eligible people waiting for vaccination.

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    Mohan, this being a platform for discussion, I don't think it is fair to connect the cash credits allotted to KVRR and the opinion I have registered. I would say that you have tried to get away skilfully by making such a remark instead of standing up to what you tried to depict and assert. If you feel that the responses negating your contention are wrong or misconceived, argue it out with logical grounds. That would be appreciated.
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    Initially, everybody criticized the government for the way the vaccination is going on. When the vaccination was started many people did not go for it and many people tried to say it is not good to get vaccinated. Some state governments even wasted the vaccine also. But when 2nd wave started everybody started running for the vaccine and they said that the government failed in vaccination drive. Then the central government asked the state governments to handle the issue. Many state governments said that many international suppliers are not responding to them and asked the central government to take over the vaccination process. Meanwhile the SC has also asked the central government to relook into the process.
    Modiji has decided that the central government will take care of the vaccination process. This will not have any impact either on the Modiji followers or on the rivals. They continue their normal course irrespective of what is happening on the ground.

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    I am asserting that given the condition, no leader would have taken the country with him and he being criticized for doing good for us.
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    I was very much pleased when India gave vaccines to other countries but now is shattered to know that we have a shortage of vaccines and not even 25% of our people are vaccinated whereas many other countries are crossing 50% of their total population. When every other country was busy scheduling or planning for the purchase of vaccines for its citizens, our government was busy looking for praises by distributing them to other countries without proper planning.

    Now when you raise the thread that our PM Modi has become a God figure for youth by announcing free vaccines, what did you mean? Did you mean that even after a year of loss of employment, non-availability of vaccines, and expenses reaching high, can any youth think to sit at home due to lockdown extension from time to time?

    It is time we raise our voices for what is wrong and praise for what is good than just praising for each and everything and giving credits for everything to a single person and blaming others for any wrong. It is time, the government, both the centre and the state try their best to get more vaccines, get their people vaccinated at the earliest and try to open up the lockdown to help people meet their financial needs by getting work. Let us learn from the developedcountries and plan accordingly than just increasing the priceof everything and burdening people in the name of current situation.

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    The Prime Minister's announcement that the vaccine will be given free of cost to all 18+-year-old youth will bring happiness not only to the youth but to all the citizens of India. But the fact that a Prime Minister who was portrayed as supernatural through PR work, The Hon. Supreme Court, had to use a little bit of a hand to get declared, and it is no decoration at all for his advisers, those holding high positions at the center and high officials.

    As mentioned earlier, the attempt to export the vaccine to many large countries, such as the Vaccine Surplus here, has become the work of a ruler who has no idea about the population of our country or what will be good for the country. Our standard shows that many people do not see the desire to become a world figure in it. That will be a factor as to why they're doing so poorly. Although many people have taken the vaccine in the early stages of transmission of the coronavirus, many have been reluctant to do so, which is why the vaccine is considered a surplus here. It is learned that the state units of the Indian Medical Association had sent a private message to the Chief Ministers of the respective states that 60 percent of the people in India would be infected with the disease at that time and more than half of those infected would die if proper measures were not taken. The then Chief Minister of Kerala had said that there was an oxygen surplus in Kerala and had taken the position that it could be given to other states. But with the second phase, oxygen concentrators and oxygen had to be brought in from other states and even from other countries. All this should be seen as the fault of those responsible for making the Chief Minister understand the pandemic.

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    I think the vaccine will be free in the Govt or other authorised centres and in the private sector the price will remain as it is. So, getting a slot in Govt centres will be a problem till sufficient vaccines are available. In our area some private hospitals are coming ahead for providing vaccine in the common facility of the housing society itself to facilitate the people especially the seniors and they are charging about Rs 1100 for that so that might remain same even after this announcement. If any member is having clarity on this aspect please mention for the benefit of all of us.
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    It is the prime duty of government to provide vaccine to all people of India without any discrimination. But Mr.Modi and his government tried to escape from this duty and followed the most disputable vaccine policy. This created a lot of anger from public, political parties, politicians, media. SC strongly warned the wrong handling of vaccine policy that is affecting the basic rights of common man. After great reverses from SC, public and state governments, Mr.Modi and his government has no option left but to correct their fatal mistakes. Already youth are facing severe problems of health due to covid, unemployment, losing their parents, elders, etc. and are they expected to pay Rs.2,500 for vaccine doses. Only people who adore Mr.Modi and BJP, hard-core followers will only think off about such statements.

    Mr.Rao, you are time and again telling that initially there is a large quantity of vaccine is there but no one came for vaccination. It is the duty of government to clear the fears of people and has to drive people positively for vaccination. PM Modi has to educate people through his media facility like before how he contacted people and should prepare people for vaccination. Has it happened at any stage?

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    @733388 Mohanji: What good was done by changing the vaccine policy? Answer my question.

    The Supreme Court has observed that "Centre's Policy of Paid Vaccination for 18-44 Group Prima Facie Arbitrary, Irrational." It also said "Our constitution does not envisage courts to be silent spectators when constitutional rights of citizens are infringed by executive policies. Judicial review and soliciting constitutional justification for policies formulated by the executive is an essential function, which the courts are entrusted to perform," It is only because of the intervention of judiciary, the corrective steps are being taken. The country should be thankful to the judiciary for taking Suo moto cognizance of Covid management.
    A little schoolgirl from Kerala, Lidwina Joseph, wrote to the Chief Justice of India, saying how "happy and proud" she felt to see the Supreme Court make vital interventions to alleviate the sufferings of her fellow citizens in the grip of the pandemic.
    Let us not be far from reality and the happenings. It pains me that many lost their lives due to a shortage of oxygen. Had necessary precautions were taken for the second wave, many lives would have been saved. I am happy that at least now some corrective actions are taken.

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