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    Love what you do, or do what you love?

    There is a famous saying, always do what you love. But until when can we be able to choose and do what we love? In this competitive world, where everyone is fighting for their own best, does this saying at all exist? Or has this saying changed into, loving what you do? I do not doubt the fact that everyone has their own caliber and it's their own perseverance that makes one successful, but is it time we should compromise with our dreams and love the reward we have received? Many a time it has happened, we do not get enough marks in respect of the hard work we did to get, so it's normal to feel discontented, but shall we take it as an opportunity to correct our mistakes or shall we accept and move on?
    Please share your views. Do you believe in loving what you do more or in doing what you love?
    The main point of the saying is, whether we should feel contented in what we get or make efforts to grow higher?
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    What ever we do that must be accompanied with dedication and acceptance to our mind and hand. Our inclination should be clear and progressive. If we like something to do that must be with love and total concentration, otherwise nothing can happen as expected. Do what we love is something again a different perception. Do what we love is the choice we making and doing the work, where as love what you do is the task bestowed on us that may be cumbersome, easy or even very challenging. And that kind of work woud get us immense experience and also the know how knowledge.
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    Do what you love or if you do not love what you are doing at present and also not looking for an opportunity to do something that you love then keep doing it. You will fall in love with it after some time. Interestingly, everybody in this competitive world has a single goal and that is to be successful. Yet, many won't be able to define what success is. Feeling content has got to do nothing with making efforts to grow further. The feeling of contentment has to be there if you want to be successful. Contentment should never be thought of as something like it's the end of the road if you feel content. It's a particular state of mind that will make you relaxed with more clarity on your thoughts. If you are not content enough, you will keep on doing things and search for your dream job.

    "Life is easier when you enjoy what you do"

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    I totally agree with the author, This is true that In the present situation, we could not always do what we like, that is why by doing what we are doing diligently, perhaps we also start liking the work which we used to dislike. In the choice of career, this decision is often useful to choose the career option of our choice, this increases our trend in that career more, but it is not necessary that we become successful only by adopting the desired path in career. Many factors are responsible for success, the most important of which is our hard work and dedication. When we do any work with sincerity and hard work on the top we also get a good result and a good result is an important element which encourages hem and for the work. Similarly, sometimes through good results, we also create interest in uninteresting work.

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    In the olden days, people used to say stand and drink water rather than running for milk. But now there is a lot of change in the world. You may not even get water unless otherwise you run for it. Keeping this in view we should take whatever comes inn our way and start loving it. If you leave the opportunity you may not get the same opportunity again. This is the fact. When there is a demand for you, you can select the best among them. But when you have only one opportunity you have no choice. Leaving that chance may be proved fatal sometimes.
    Whatever we do we should do it with full dedication and commitment. Otherwise, your work may not be liked by the people in command and they may not like you. That will be proved to be a disaster. So we should start liking or loving your job and work with full concentration and focus. Then only you are sure that you can continue in the same. This is the order of the day.

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    When I was in my teens I saw something written on the wall of a roadways station, it stated: "Do what you like, don't heed to what the world says"
    I liked it so much that I always followed it but it gave me bad results also because I did not follow the suggestions of my elders in some matters as their suggestions were against my planning. So I rejected their suggestions and after some years I suffered a great loss for not following their advice.
    I agree with the author that we should do what we love to do but we should also listen to what other people say about it, especially, suggestions of our closes ones should not be ignored.

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    I believe in do what you love. Yes, always having that determination towards what we love takes us to the destination. So, I believe in putting the efforts in doing what we love. There is a saying in Telugu, "krushi unte manushulu rushulautharu". This means if we work hard there is nothing impossible.

    So never compromise on doing what you love. In case if you have to compromise, then you have to love what you are supposed to do. If we can't love what we are doing, we cannot do it correctly.

    We can make everything possible with efforts and determination. So do what you love.

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