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    Has corona made people kind?

    Has this whole pandemic and almost 2 years of lockdown made the public grateful towards the life they are living and the facilities they are receiving? Lately I have seen people donating what ever little they have for the needy, as well as I came across people helping by, making free food available for the needy , arranging plasma and oxygen cylinder, as well as, as little as just collecting information regarding these and helping the people who need the same. Earlier , either everyone was busy struggling in their own life or was too selfish to not be grateful. But this pandemic made everyone realize, worth of family, worth of the air we breathe, worth of 2 times meal and most importantly a safe home to stay indoor.
    What are your views? Please share any incident , you came across relating to change in anybody's perspective towards life and others due to this pandemic.
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    For that matter many relatives and friends came across the challenges of covid and also gone through the agony of positive isolation, running around hospitals and had hell of the time. Luckily we four are safe and surviving but taking enough precautions and probably that is giving us the life. My daughter being the budding doctor , she has been recieving the alerts from the college and she is taking care of us. One thing is sure, those who were over confidence in their life had the beating of corona virus and those who are sincere and following the protocols are surviving without hospitalization and that is the big relief. Moreover out of four three are vaccinated in my house and my boy need to be vaccinated. Nevertheless the corona has taught us many lessons and a book can be released on the behavioral pattern of people during this pandemic.
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    I agree with the author. Many people started helping others. I know a person who never had the habit of donating even a single rupee. But he started giving food to some poor people from his house. He is doing it for the last few months. I heard a rich man in Gujarat donated 75 crores to needy people.
    All people used to enjoy life by moving through friends and colleagues and they were not spending much time with the family members. In fact, many people are not given time to the family. But now during the pandemic, there is no alternative for these people except family only. That made everybody realise the importance of family.
    But still, I don't know how many people understood the importance of air and the need for oxygen also. If really people understood the same means everybody should start planting trees. But I am not seeing any such activity around. Let us understand the importance of the environment and let us make all efforts to protect it.

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    The author is right to some extent but the situation is not the same everywhere. This time is becoming very difficult for the people, especially those families whose sources of income have been exhausted or some families are troubled due to infection. In such a situation, we are seeing some people emerging in the society who are coming without any means to help others, but we are also seeing some people who are not even asking their loved ones. Due to fear in the epidemic, people are distancing themselves from the people. Along with this, we are also getting some mean people who are making their profit opportunities in this bad time and are becoming a new example of corruption. This is the time when we cannot judge people too much but we should increase the spirit of help and kindness as much as possible.

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    The author is right that the attitudes of the rich people have changed significantly due to the present pandemic virus. We have seen them donating substantial amounts for the different needs of the people. In some cities they are the organisers of distribution of foods for the deprived people due to their meagre income. Then they are reaching to the people affected with corona to offer them some financial relief to offer them partial relief. Hence to sum up, the rich people have come closer with the poor because of the present situation.

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    Whenever a calamity strikes people realise the value of life and relations with other people. That is the time when many people start charitable and helping actions as per their capacity and many people are benefited by that noble act. There are already some kind hearted people in the world and they take lead in such times and other follow them.
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    You said it. A lot of people lost their jobs during this particular pandemic season, and those who are suffering from the covid-19 infection and other ailments have reached the mentality that they need some help anyway. Even those who are not financially secure are giving help from what they have. It is a good sign that the current situation has changed where even those with facilities do nothing to the needy. I like to see this change as divine intervention by those who have been ready to give it to those who deserve it. According to our faith, God knows the hearts of all and their minds. If humans recognize this pandemic season as a way to get better, it will be the beginning of the creation of the kingdom of God on this very earth. But it is doubtful whether middle-class people will still go ahead with the short-of-livelihood. Because the middle class can't open up all their problems to others, as the lower class can openly say. The mood of middle-class people not to open up about their shortcomings prevents them from getting the same benefits as others do. But very few donors who have realized this have begun to pay more attention to the middle class. But the vast majority of donors do not fully understand this.
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    For most people, good qualities like kindness is resident hidden in them. It manifests in actions only on some occasions. Corona (Covid)situation is one such occasion when large number of people have resonated and manifested their hidden kindness in express s actions.

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    Life has changed a lot for everyone. It has taught us the ultimate lession for us. There is nothing important for us than our lives. Many people are suffering financially or by losing their beloved ones and wanting for support.

    It's time for everyone to show humanity and be united to fight together against this monster virus to save lives. Many people have already started contributing their part in helping others. Recently I read a news where a 70 year old woman gives away Rs.500 from her monthly pension which is Rs.600. Great mother.

    Everyone who are still being selfish and running behind money, making cash of the vulnerable situation have to change and be humane. It's time for the humans to be humane which makes us different from other creatures.

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    Last year when lockdown was imposed on public many a man came forward to help one another.Migrants workers who walked on the roads for going to their home states were helped by most of the people. Many People lost their source of earning and we're compelled to go door to door for begging, generous people helped them as much they could. During second surge of coronavirus I don't know if people came out to help needy people in large number. I hope that people might have shown generosity.
    But one thing I have noticed that several rich people who are famous in our country did not voluntary succour needy people.

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    At the cost of being branded a pessimist or criticized as being blind to facts, I would, from my experience, like to say that this is just a passing phase. We have seen such benevolence earlier too when tragedies had struck us. Most of us are concerned and share the feelings of others and do our bit to help those in distress but I doubt whether this mentality becomes a part of our character. It is, at the best, I feel, a need based development that ends with the need. To sum up, I don't think many of us would continue to help others who are in trouble even after the effects of such disasters are over. The kindness or the helping mentality gains prominence during such period due to the fact that we are also affected in one way or the other. So, I won't take it that Corona has made people kind but it needs to be welcomed and appreciated though such acts may be temporary in nature.
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    We are going through a tough time and definitely it has changed our way of seeing things. I would say that present disaster has opened our eyes and taught us a lesson that in times of adversity we can survive only if we help each other. We are observing also this change which is perceptible in the behaviour of many who were otherwise appeared as selfish and self centred.
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