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    If a fungus patient need to spend 1.5 cr, where are we heading?

    A patient in Maharastra has recovered from the Fungus disease by spending whooping 1.5 crore which is very high billing and not in the reach out of common man and middle class. If the disease is so costly to deal with, then why the state and central govt are not taking action to attend to provide medical facilities from the government side. If the private hospitals can give the service by charging whooping, then where the medical facilities are heading in our country. Why the government hospitals are not developed on par in many states?
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    I think 1.5 cr is not a real figure. It is exaggerated. However it is very difficult for a common man to go for such a treatment in corporate hospitals, Even 10 to 12 lakhs spending is very difficult for even middle-class people also. Health insurance policies are coming in handy for many middle-class people. Poor people are being provided with Arogya Sri cards and they are getting free medical care even in big hospitals and the amount is being paid by the governments. As such poor also have no problem. Only people who have very fewer salaries will suffer as they will not be considered as poor as per the government norms.
    This black fungus is a new problem that is being heard these days. This is developing in some people who recovered from Corona. No properly designed treatment and the corporate hospitals are making merry I think. I think the government should decide on the rates to be charged by corporate hospitals also so that no middle class people can be denied good treatment in these hospitals.

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    Rs 1.5 crore for treatment is not a big amount for rich people who spend more than double in foreign hospitals. Problem is for poor people. They have to die if they have to go for this treatment.
    It is also said that we are going towards capitalisation of indian wealth. Capitalism draws a very clear line between poor and rich where poor are slaves and rich are their masters. Poor have no voice. It is claimed by some anti establishment that corporates have become richer during pandemic when economy was down. As per a report of Azim Premji University (The Wire) 230 million have slipped down poverty line due to decline in economy.

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    The figure projected by the author does not seem to be the realistic amount but the private hospitals are charging to the tune of Rs 25 Lakhs if the patient is under ICU for ten days at least in some major cities. This amount, too, is prohibitive and paying the amount as stated above will affect the entire family when a piece of land or some ornament is to be sold to pay for the hospital as their treatment charges.
    Many people are not aware of the provision of Arogya Setu app where they can avail of facilities of treatment in some government hospitals. The need to be educated in the health centres regarding the existing provisions under the present circumstances so as to avail of the same.

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    Black fungus disease is a very dangerous fungal disease caused in relation to Corona virus. The medicines needed for the treatment of this disease is limited, costly and there is a shortage in supply. Recently I have seen in news item that 40 patients undergoing treatment in Kakinada government hospital of AP. for this disease. Surgery carried out on a small child in this government hospital and it costed in lakhs but the baby survived. I think the treatment for this disease is not easy as medicines are not available easily, costly, sometimes costly Surgery is needed, and protocol treatment for this disease is not popular as of other diseases. Even for rich also limited source of treatment available for this disease.

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    Fungus disease which was associated with corona treatment is a new thing and Govt is not ready for it. Arranging these medicines on a national level and that also at affordable prices is not a joke. Some private companies might be making the medicines but if supply is less and demand is more their prices would shoot up. This is going to be a difficult thing and some people are so cruel that they are making this disease an opportunity to make money.
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    A very pertinent question . This has to be dealt with all seriousness by in social media unbiased, and also to be dealt by experts, policy makers and government.

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