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    How long one can remain angry?

    There is enough talk about anger management and many threads were posted earlier on this topic so I am not going to repeat it again with some new ideas to control anger. I am sure you can control your anger well and hope you are also not angry while reading this thread. Think of your facial expression in a place where the situation or interaction with an official made you very angry. I am sure nobody can hide their anger during a heated exchange and it can be easily recognised from the expression on their face that a person is angry. Now the question is how long you can remain that much angry in any situation. Suppose, if someone makes a comment at that time to distract you or do something funny that makes everyone laugh are you still going to maintain that facial expression of anger? The same thing is applicable at home too when you become angry for a certain reason. If somebody cracks a joke at that time or mimics you at home will the anger lessen or you will increase your shouting? Think of such situations and let's see what is coming out.

    I think one has to work hard to make such a facial expression during anger. Whereas, a relaxed look, possibly with a smiling face, is something which is quite easy to make.
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    What is there in the mind of the other person that can't be understood easily by many of us? But we can understand the feelings of the other person if we know him well. But we can't understand the feelings in the mind of a new person. When we are angry with somebody no sooner we see them, we will get irritated and we start shouting. The other person will understand that we are in a different mood. But if we hide our feelings and never express our feelings the other person may not know about our feelings. Even though we are angry with somebody slowly we will forget that incident and over a period of time, we will become normal. Generally, I will become angry within moments but it will come down within no time. My family members take this as an advantage. If they know that I am angry with somebody they will not come to me for some time and by the time they come to me, I will forget the issue. This happened many times. But I know some people who will never forget their anger title they take some action on the person responsible for his anger.
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    For that matter no body gets into angry mode, but he would be instigated and dragged to a issue of non importanace to him and then given the responsibility to clear from the mess and thus angry moods are going to happen. All educated persons want to behave sensibily and want to solve all the problems on thier own. But over the period of time the person gets into anger because he is being dragged into the difficult task to which the solution cannot be easy and going and thus anger takes first seat. So there cannot be time limit as to how long one can remain in anger mode and depends on situations.
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    A nice post has been given by the author. It is difficult to control anger, but if a person wants it, it also makes that difficult task easy. Some people are more obstinate than necessary and they do not want to leave their stubbornness even towards their anger, in such a situation all your efforts may fail. When you try to make some people laugh in anger, then as their anger subsides, they start feeling more frustrated that one of their feelings is being suppressed and in response to this they sometimes start getting angrier. As far as I am concerned, I do not get angry much and even if it is there, I have many techniques, with the help of which I can avoid expressing my anger on others. I have already shared many of these methods in some threads.

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