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    How many States have clear guidelines on online classes?

    An extremely famous CBSE School in Chennai, which has produced some of the finest of technocrats and doctors and scientists and many All-India first performers, is in the news for the wrong reasons. A particular teacher conducting online classes has been arrested and the probe is on to ascertain if the teacher had made grave mistakes in misbehaving with the girl students.

    The cat is now out of the bag. A big string of complaints against teachers of other schools has also come up, based on complaints by many girl students. The CM of Tamil Nadu has already ordered that each case will be investigated fresh. In the meanwhile, the public have been assured of swift action. Each and every session will be taken on video.

    Now, the issue is very important as similar instances should not occur. Members who are aware of such severe restrictions in the case of online classes in their States, may share such information. What we want is concrete steps to ensure that crimes do not happen again.
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    The teacher and student relation is supposed to be a very pious relation and like a father and child relationship. But these days the relations are going in a different direction. After parents, teachers are supposed to take care of the students studying under them. But some teachers are misbehaving with the students. This is like fencing itself eating the crop. Such teachers should be punished heavily and see that no other teacher will repeat such acts.
    I hope the TN government will give importance to these cases and see that all the culprits will be punished so that no other teacher will go for such acts in future.
    There are students who misbehave with lady teachers. But the powerful fathers of these students will suppress the cases. Such cases also should be seen and proper action on the erring students must be taken. Then only discipline will come and students will mind their studies properly.

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