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    It is very important to learn alphabets from every field.

    When children take admission in school, at the earliest stage, children are introduced to letters, whether it is English, Hindi, or any other language. If one tries to understand the importance of that without learning alphabets one will not be able to learn further, hence we try to learn the alphabet in every way.

    In the same way, there are early alphabets in every area of ??our life, without which we cannot get progress in that particular area. Nowadays people have lost patience and they are trying to do every task with more speed in less time and they feel, there is no matter what it's basic of the work.

    People just want to get only success without understanding the basics but in this way, it will not be achieved. That's why choose any path, move on any field, but start with knowing its alphabets, only then you will be truly accomplished.
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    The author has come out well with the suggestion that we must learn the alphabet of everything and that implies we must learn the basics of those things which are going to be attempted. Here I want to add that mere learning of alphabet is not enough, as one must know to use the right words at the right place of writing and that means even the basic should be in accordance with what we want to learn. Alphabets are not just 26 letters but the confluence of whole lots of words and that makes big sentence and contents. Likewise basic learning in any field gives rise to first learning as trainer , then as the seasoned worker and eventually a efficient worker who has the ability to train others and even run the factory on his own. One thing is sure for every issue and matter deep study is important and that can be construed as the basics of requirement.
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    Foundation should be good and should have sufficient strength to take care of the further constructions on the foundation. So we should always make the best possible foundation. This is true for all the subjects in school and also all walks of life. How we should conduct ourselves should be known to us. If we are not aware of that we will not get the required recognition in this society. The very basics of life should be followed throughout our lives.
    We should not be in a hurry to complete the work. We should give enough time for each detail and understand fully. Then only you can become a master in your life.

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    Until we learn fundamentals of an area or discipline, how will we be able to understand the advanced concepts in that area. In fact this is true for every field and learning in any area is a gradual process from conceptualising the basic concepts and then slowly moving ahead.
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    Of course, basics are very relevant in everything we encounter in life. It should be assumed that it starts before or after the development of our intellect. As the author points out, in the first classes, students learn the first letters of the language, followed by numbers and names, etc.
    Then you can do calculations and add alphabets to make words. Studying engineering, medical, and the like in our higher classes and colleges from their basics. Besides, in a good morning, no one becomes an engineer or a doctor or an expert in such a profession. Similarly, when entering a job, it is often not possible to apply what you learned in school or college. Participate in many job-specific pieces of training and become an expert in that work. But in the journey of life, we ??may often have to respond to problems that we never encountered during any study period or after that. Its basic lessons will be alien to most people. In such situations, we often use the first lessons we have learned to some extent. If that does not solve the problem, we look for ways to solve the problem with our more experienced predecessors. That too is part of the children's lesson. The answer and the way of what we do not know from a young age, as we asked our older siblings, if not available from there, we approach our parents and teachers the next day if not received from there.

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    Knowing simply the alphabets of a language is not enough, though it is the starting phase in the process of learning. We would to have to go a little deeper to understand the different ways so as to represent the same in a legitimate way. The process of learning goes on continuously and with our full dedication, we would achieve skills of proficiency. This calls for consistent practice. With the enough exposure, we can be able to handle the issues, but one thing is sure, to have the command in any subject, it is a time consuming process. Only with the regular practice, it can be achieved.

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    I agree with the author that we should learn basics of everything which we want to undertake. She has given the example of a language that first as a child we learn alphabet of any language then we learn more about the same language and we cant learn further if we are ignorant of alphabet.
    When we venture out to do something we may succeed or not not depends on our planning, roadmap, execution, resourcess, courage, guts, patience, consistency etc to achieve the decided goal. But no step can be taken further if basics of the work or task or mission are not known. As much hard work we do as much chances of success are expected.

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    Many people do a grave mistake of jumping in the advanced aspects before understanding the basics thoroughly and suffer the consequences. Whenever we want to learn a new thing say music or painting or writing or playing some game or some sport or fluent speaking and so many things likewise then it is mandatory to learn the rudiments of that discipline and only after that one can think of becoming a proficient one in that area. Let us remember that a long journey starts with small steps.
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