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    Don't lose your senses for free offers.

    Nowadays, in any app we shop online, many discounts and offers are given to us. Not only this, when we shop in malls, we also get many coupons with discounts, but the benefit of coupons is available only after shopping for a certain amount.

    Many times I have found that when it is a sale in the market, there is a crowd at that place, many times people can be seen spending exorbitant amount in the deception of the sale.

    Do shopping anytime or anywhere, but keep your common sense with you, we should understand that the person who gives all these offers is himself a businessman who is doing everything for his benefit/profit. Therefore, be a little careful before spending like this, In the greed of saving some amount of your money, do not waste your savings.
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    If everyone thinks that nothing comes for free in this world, they would never bow down to offers and discounts. Once my friend wants to purchase a cooler in the month of January when the winter is on and the cooler rate must be low or affordable. There was a big banner in the front of the shop that 50 percent off and the cooler is available for ready stock. intelligently the shop owner has not mentioned the price and on close observation the rates were escalated to future price of 5000 rupees and offered at the discount price of 2500. The actual price of the cooler is also the same and thus by showing the future price the shop owners are fooling the public and even then my friend want to purchase. If the people are there to be fooled there is no dearth for the business and this is the classic case of offers and fooling.
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    Yes, but those who are giving out such offers in the name of coupons and discount vouchers have somehow gauged our nature and know that many won't be able to resist the temptation to purchase more. We need to apply our senses while purchasing anything because what we do not use lie in the corner as junk and one can understand what may happen if the number of such things increases. While saving is very important, it is also important to properly utilize things. There is actually no need to purchase things that we do not require.

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    Yes. The author is right. Many of us will get tempted to free offers. When we do some transaction on Paytm or Gpay or some other app, they will give us a coupon. That coupon will say that you will get a 30% or 40% discount on a certain purchase. Even though we do not need we may go for that product. That will enhance their sales and our expenses also. So let us not be happy to get such coupons. Think they are all to increase in your expenses. If cashback offers are there, we can enjoy them. But other purchases are never advisable. I have seen many ladies go for these purchases easily. Especially clothing offers are very attractive to them. If there is any discount sale they will go and purchase some sarees and other dress materials. But one should remember one thing. No person will do any business for loss. He will somehow manage and get profit. Otherwise, he can't sustain for long.
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    Free offers, most of the time are not free. They have a cost and the cost is recovered from us on that occasion in some hidden way or is deferred and recovered in some future occasions.

    But the word free offer tempts most of us, sometime leading us to problems. But now that people have become more aware from social media postings, it is expected that people should be less tempted and approach such offers with rational sense and prudence.

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    Nothing comes free in the market. All business players chuck baits before their customers to entice them purchase their maximum number of different products. Why we purchase extra items which are not required at all, I think it is due to (a) marketing skills of the company (b) greed ( ye dil mange more).
    We should keep our heart in control and we should not waste our money on unnecessary items and products.

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    The shops or big stores will always advertise some scheme to attract people and when there is a crowd for that item then the sale increases. This is a very old system and earlier it was done in some other way like if one purchased items from a particular shop then the shopkeeper used to give a nice wall calendar with some picture in it so that people can hang it in their houses. That is now obsolete but other things have cropped up in its place. The basic idea is to attract and lure people.
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    We are always tempted to purchase more items in case discounts are offered by the shops keepers and this may be in the form of discount coupons, cash - backs and other incentives. We should be wise enough to select the items which are needed at this moment. We may have the large variants with the offer of discounts and we need to be a little bit prudent while selecting the larger ones. For the sake saving a few pennies, if the items purchased prove useless keeping the same ideally for long. We should not be lured with the discounts since these are the ways to attract the customers to raise their business.

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