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    Do you have a book collection?

    Books and scriptures of great value and high priced are on the beautiful shelves in the homes of many. There will be a large collection of science and history books. It may have been used by someone in the old days of that house. Book reading may have been a favorite pastime of some at the time. Others may be regular readers as part of their quest to gain more knowledge. Some maybe are passionate about such books because they are interested in science. There was no time for these books to be idle then. But now they are sitting quietly on shelves with glass doors to keep out from the dust. The current state of most bookcases in many homes are only visually pleasing objects for others to see.

    The essence is important, not the collection of precious and unique things. What is the use of such collections if, despite all these, they cannot contain the essence of anything and cannot be absorbed in life? No one can be holy only because one owns the holy scriptures with them. It requires recitation, meditation, and a change of attitude. There is no point in pretending to have books full of glorious words and thoughts at home. Today, book collections have become only one craze to show to others. Beautiful collections of great books that have never been opened.
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    I have a good collection of books collected since my college course. Monthly novels, novels collected from weekly magazines stitched as book nearly 300 books. When my wife expired I have to shift my house and by thinking the collected books would be a unwanted one in the new house, I handed over the entire books except some subject books to the nearest library. Among them, some books on religious topic, I wished to handed over to the biggest library in our city. I went there with the books, asked the clerk in the desk about the procedure for offering, he saw the books and told that those books are already in the library. With a dejection, I turned but the clerk called me back and told me that he would take them for his personal use if I permit. I handed over them to him with much happy as it reaches the interested person. Text books with me I handed over to the needy students around us.

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    I had a good collection. But I regret that I had to dispose of it even as 'Raddi" when I had to relocate. Now my book collection is a very small one with just about less than a hundred books. It does not fill even one cupboard or bookshelf. It remains more or les as occasional reference.

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    I don't have a large collection of books, however, I have some good books on my shelves. My friend has a personal library that consists of more than 3k books. I don't see people going to the library for reading books, especially, the young generation has lost interest in this matter. Now, all books are available on the internet. Those who are interested in reading good books may download.
    But the author has purported a different gist. He meant that if people like to read good books which teach us to become good human if we read those good teachings but don't change ourselves according to the great teachings written in the books then having a good collection of good books or our visiting library becomes meaningless.

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    My father is a poet in the Telugu language. Naturally, I have also some interest in the language. So we have a very big collection of Telugu literature books in our house. The beauty is that my father will be studying one or the other book daily. So the library is in use. I will also read some books when I find some time to read.
    I have a big collection of Chemistry books. I purchased many books during my M.Sc and PhD in chemistry. Still, I will be reading some books from the collection which are useful in performing my duties. My brother also did his M.Sc in Chemistry. He was also using these books.
    My daughter in law is a postgraduate in Pharmacy. So she had many pharmacy books and they are also a part of our library. All of us once in a while read the books from the library based on the requirement or sometimes to pass the time also. Slowly the usage of these subjects books is coming down but literature book reading is still going on regularly in our house.

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    I was fascinated by all kinds of books and used to read them by getting them issued from the library. Later, I started to buy them but as I was not able to afford the new ones I usually shopped them at the pavements and scrap dealers and many times I got good books at Rs 20 or 30 each though they had price mentioned as Rs 200 to 300 range. Gradually, I had a good collection of books but due to my change of place in my job I could not retain them and gave to my friends. After my retirement, slowly I have again got a good collection and I refer them when I write some lengthy article on a particular subject. Collecting books have no meaning if we do not refer to them.
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    Since both of my children are into their higher studies and one completed other still doing, the books concerned to them are more and preserved and there is no space for other books to get into the groove. I do love to read books and refer the same when required but unfortunately do not have the library of the same. When ever I find time I go to the central library or other small libraries and read books. It is good habit to treasure the books and keep on reading them again and again. I bet if we read the books again and again we infer different meaning altogether and that makes deep reading of the books.
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    The collection of the books was a passion for me at least for the books dealing with science. So long as my daughters were in the school days, the have had lot of books connected with Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics. The books written by M.L Khanna, K.C .Sinha etc were quite helpful for them especially for the preparation of Engineering Competitive Examinations. Both my daughters qualified the entrance tests with the help of such books but my appetite for Mathematics has remained the same as that of earlier days. The biggest advantage, I find, is my ease with the topics covered in the engineering tests. I can offer my techniques related to science subjects to the students living nearby to my locality. I have some collections of Hindi Novels being referred to them for my pleasure while going through these novels.

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