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    Why many of us telling lie for simple matters

    People around us we can see many of them simply telling lie without hesitation for simple matters
    Some of them:
    *When we asked the person slept in the afternoon nap, refusing he/she have not slept but just lied down.
    *When people are going to temple for worship, telling others that he went here and there by hiding his temple visit.
    *When people ate well but telling the cooking was not so good and so he/she ate very less.
    *To hide their roaming outside, telling in the house that heavy work in office/school/college
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    The author has well reasoned out that we are telling lies even on matters of no importance but to escape from the nagging questions of the opposite persons. People feel it is below dignity to reveal that they slept in the after noon and thus lie saying they just reclined in easy chair. Some people have the habit of saying that they have not visited the temple as it is viewed as weakness of a person to seek God intervention for small matters. By telling the lie that they ate less, they are trying to prove that they are within the diabetic level of eating and by telling lie that they went to office when they actually roaming outside is the natural reactions. One thing is sure though the lie is not required and not given importance but it can be felt by the opposite person and they are intelligent enough to cross check the fact with the children who would say the truth.
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    I think it is just to hide the truth. If one is lying down closing the eyes, it will be quite difficult to find out whether the person is really sleeping or lying down. So, in that case, you cannot forcefully say that the person lied.

    If someone wants to hide their religious identity or do not wish to proclaim their beliefs they may try to hide their activities of visiting a temple nearby or somewhere else.

    The taste may not be good and at the same time, the person may be quite hungry. Actually, you may think the person ate a lot of food but to the person, it is quite less. So, don't blame the person in that case.

    A perfect excuse to roam here and there by bunking the class is quite common. I think when such habits remain even after becoming mature enough, it just continues.


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    Some are like that. Such people keep telling small lies even if they are of no use. The reason for that is very simple. Their non-existence. It is coming from his/her thought, anyone coming in front of him/her to think as he/she is right, and so that makes them say that. Going to the temple is badly painted in the minds of some in the present generation. So when you see such people, you will be told that you have gone to other places. Similarly, according to the thinking of those who come in front, many have been saying for a long time. Such people's mind is not permanent. They have no existence of their own. Therefore, they hide their actions according to the mentality of others. But the strong-minded and self-possessed do not want to hide their deeds from anyone. They try to justify their actions, even if it is a little wrong. Therefore, they do not want to tell such petty lies. They do not say such lies.
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    In many situations, lie is comforting and camouflaging,whereas truth is hurting and discomforting.
    Having said that for response, I am for avoiding lies and resorting to truth to the maximum possible situations.
    That has to be practised from early childhood.
    It is good that one reads the Autobiography of Mahatma Gandhi-'My Experiments with Truth' and also the story of life of Harishchandra.
    It is practical to follow the dictum" Satyam brooyaat, pryam brooyaat; Na brooyaat satymapriyam,Priyam cha nanrutham brooyaat"

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    After posting my above response#733436, I made a search in ISC forum archives, as I remembered that we had discussed or mentioned about Truth and lies .
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    I see many a man who tell a lie on trivial issues. Normally, they are talking on phone but all of a sudden they throw some lies. It sounds that they don't do it deliberately, rather these lies come out from their tongue because of being accustomed to do so. They can't check themselves from lying. I always have hot talks with my colleagues or friends who unnecessary tell a lie while spending some time to gather.

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    Yes, the author is right that there are persons around us who are in the habit of telling lies frequently even if the situation did not warrant the same. Probably, it is a kind of inferiority complex of the man concerned to show others that they are well mannered and fond of good habits. Even if you saw such men smoking, they would flatly deny the same, This could be applicable with different situations. The best way is to not to take their deliberations so seriously and we should not be indulged with unnecessary arguments with such fellow. This will simply kill your time and not his.

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    Some people are habitual liars and they derive a peculiar pleasure out of it. You ask them anything they will find a scope in that and tell a lie. They do it so intelligently that it is difficult to catch them. It is not understood why they resort to such things but psychologists believe that it is a type of complex with which they are suffering and to show themselves better than what actually they are, they do these things. Whatever be the reason it misleads and some times is in the nature of cheating other people.
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    That is correct. There are people who tell lies easily without any reason. This is not a good trait. I have seen many officers who apply for leave by telling lies. Similarly, there are people who tell lies to avoid helping others. As long as we are not getting harmed we should ignore such people and should not go for an argument with them. They can tell some more lies to cover up their lies. It happens many times we know that what the other man is telling is a lie but we can't openly tell him that he is telling lies.
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