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    Who am I , Why I am here. does this question bothered you ?

    I am not taking about your presence in this site but a general posture that tempted me to ask as to who we are and why we are here. It may be any place of reference or any place of liking some times were in in a place where we are irrelevant and not needed yet we are present there not getting any respect, attention and yet we feel the company of others as if they are caring us and giving credence to our sayings and being a follower of us. Some times we are clueless about the questions and we are unable to have the answer . Any comment ?
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    It is better not to look for answers to such questions when you are enjoying the company of others. If you feel that your presence is not required at a particular place or you are not getting the due respect better leave the place of your own. Otherwise, someone may use some tactics so that you are bound to leave and that will be quite distressing. If these questions are always coming to your mind, you need to look for the answers yourself. It may happen because something made you clueless. Give it a proper thought and clarify your doubts from others.

    "Life is easier when you enjoy what you do"

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    Bhagavan Ramana Maharshi asked all the people to pose this question for themselves and delve deep into their inner conscience to find the answer. One who finds the answer will find himself and the meaning of life. You are on the right track and continue your good inquisition into your inner self. May God bless you in your endeavors.
    " Be Good and Do Good "

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    Many of us don't know what is the purpose of our life. Even we ask the above questions we may not find any answer. We are here, we are struggling to have a pleasant living and leaving. We don't know where from we came and where we are going back, But we should remember that we should leave behind us a good name so that after our exit also people will remember us for our good deeds. So help others and live a principled life. Oneday you may get an answer to the questions.
    Where there is no need of you, you should go away from that place. But sometimes what happens is because of some other reasons we may stay back even though we are not interested in a particular place. But we should search for alternatives and go to a better place where we feel at home,

    always confident

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    I never break my head like that.
    It is a fact that I am here. It is also sure that I may not be here forever. It is another fact that I do not know how much period I will be here. All these are beyond my control.

    Hence I am bothered and concerned on how I can be here till the expiry date.

    This is said in a clear as well as cryptic way in our traditional knowledge and Hindu philosophy as "Karma". Karma in its very basic and layman understanding is, our actions. As Bhagavad Geeta tells us, we have to act - act for the good, as expected and ordained, without expectation of award and reward.
    Bhagavad Geetha can show us direction in this regard if we are ready to understand and follow.

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    If I have to go somewhere to participate in any function or any gathering I don't expect that people should entertain me. They have their own friend circle. I see how much time I have to spend there and I try my best to leave the place at the earliest. If I spend some time with people, I choose those few people who are like-minded and I never face any embarrassing situation with them.
    But if it ever happens with me as the author has written that I am not listened to, I don't waste my time with them. It is sheer humiliation.

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