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    Instead of boxing with time, do timeboxing - a productive time management technique.

    Under the timeboxing technique, a certain day, place, and time are set in advance to perform any task. That specific time is called the time box in time management. Under this, you have to do that work in a predetermined time instead of doing it till its completion.

    This method of time management seems easy to see but it is not so easy in practice. However, as we work according to this method, it becomes apparent that it is one of the very effective techniques.

    Some of its benefits are as follows-

    You can easily keep track of the progress of the work. Which also helps in knowing how well you know your work. So that next time you can predict how much time you need to complete a task productively.

    Many times it will happen that a specific task is not completed on its scheduled time, in which case move on to the next task and create a new time box for the work which is left unfinished which will ensure that there is no interruption in other tasks.

    As we become proficient in this technique, so does clarity about tasks.

    Have you ever used timeboxing technique to manage time productively or is it used in your office/workplace?

    Is timeboxing a better technique to get the most out of the labor?
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    We were following a similar method in our office. We used to decide the date by which we should complete the task. Then we used to work backwards and decide the timetable and follow the same. What are the works to be completed in that particular year are used to be decided at the beginning of the year. They are called Key Result Areas (KRAs). The role of each head of the department is well described in these Areas and used to give the various stages and dates to be finished the work to reach that stage. We used to have a review monthly and see whether we are on the path and on time. If there are any backlogs we used to complete that while starting work for the next stage. In many departments, we used to achieve good results by following this procedure. But sometimes In Developmental activities, we used to cross the time to some extent. In our organisation, the annual promotions and increments were being decided based on the % achievement of your KRAs.
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    What the author shared seems to be interesting and the time boxing technique may be followed in professional companies and not by all. By having pretermined time. place and source we can perform task but even one absent on that day would spoil the whole exercise. Normally we are chasing the work against the time and sometimes we achieve and many times it is not possible. The company should delegate rights with the responsibility and if some employees are chosen to complete the task in time, that would be best result. All joining the task may not be the right idea as performers would be less and non performers would be more. By the way no company would be interested in slow progress of the employees and they would be measuring daily performance with certain yard sticks and thus time boxing may not be possible with all companies.
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    Almost all old practices are reintroduced with new name. Generally, everybody makes planning for any important work or task. He fixes date and time also, so that the work is completed on time or within time-limit.
    Time management plays very important role in successful career. I have read biographies of some great people and how they could do so much work in their limited time amazes me. One great erudite has impressed me a lot. He was a teacher, writer, orator, spiritual guide for thousands of disciples. He would go to deliver speech in different cities, he would impart spiritual sermons to his disciples, he would write books, he had two wives and would give equal time to both of them. He had to look after his orchards also, as it was the only source of his income. How he could manage to do all these activities I am surprised. These personalities are torch-bearers for me.

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