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    Whooping corporate political donation and its impact on us

    In India the political funding during the elections has become the core issue every year as the party most likely to win has been bestowed with whooping corporate donations running into crores and that indirectly implies that we have to brace up for the hiked rates and prices of those products or services in future. Indirectly the people are funding the parties and we have to face this brunt every time as the escalated prices of every product and service is the order of the day and none has the guts to raise the voice. Any comment ?
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    Corporate sector is indispensable for the development of a country. They establish production- plants and manufacturing units and unemployed youth are given jobs. Their role in country's economy can't be overlooked.
    Political parties need funding from corporate to bear their big expenses. Can you imagine that two to three crore rupees are spent on a single political rally during elections nowadays. How much amount is spent on elections by every candidate we can't estimate. Corporate and business houses give donation to political parties and in return what help these corporate houses expect from the government? Obviously, they want to earn more money.
    Electoral bonds is such a system that recently introduced in indian politics. This issue is still pending in the supreme court to be heard. Let's see when Supreme Court hears this case and give its verdict.
    Politics is a different field. It is said that we can not hope to have morality in politics. Most of the political leaders are opportunists who want to remain in power and they can do anything for power.

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    Corporates are donating to the political parties so that their businesses increase when the government is elected. Corporates always have a say on the political affairs of a country and the economy is also very much dependent on them. Now, how much interference of the corporates in the functioning of the government will be allowed depends on the government in office and if this interference is more then undoubtedly people has to suffer more. In the present situation what we see is the growth of a handful of individuals in the corporate world and those corporates are present almost in every sector. It is for the government in power to find out whether this is going to harm the small-scale business owners and if it is so ways must be found so that everybody can compete. Yes, people of any country have the guts to raise their voice if they really want to raise their voice. At least, in a democratic setup that has to be the way. We see various organizations protesting at various places over certain issues. Unfortunately, we have not seen ordinary people coming out in large numbers on the roads to protest against the price rise. If we wish to think of the government, either in a state or centre, our master then we have to abide by the masters only. Isn't it?

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    That is true. Corporates are very much required. Otherwise, we will find many unemployed youths and the whole society will be vulnerable. Many criminals we will see and unruliness will enter into the system.
    These corporates require political support to expand their business in the country. So major corporates try to see that the party they are supporting will come to power and hence they donate huge money for those parties. It is there in the system for a long time.
    The political parties require money for their existence and to win in the elections. So they depend on the corporate for huge donations. Individuals also may pay donations but they are small amounts only. But corporate will give huge amounts and they will get it back from the people in some form or the other. It is a vicious cycle and will continue forever.

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    But the impact of political donations fell on us as we have to pay more for the products and services.
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