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    When farm lands shrinking paving way for housing why not vertical farming?

    As the population increases India has been facing the land crunch for the need of housing and we are penetrating into farm and forest lands thereby shrinking the farm lands to large extent. The best way to mitigate this problem is to go for vertical farming so that the farmers can be trained to have best farm practices in the little land put to optimum use vertically. Though the concept and idea may be new, but it seems to be the reality of future to which India needs to brace up and work on it. Any takers or comment for this new idea ?
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    Vertical farming has been introduced in India though but it is not as much successful as envisaged and expected. There are several reasons for it. First, it should not be ignored that India is not a rich country and Indian farmers are poor and vertical farming requires a big amount to be invested. In vertical farming, LED light produces a big amount of heat and  it becomes a problem to maintain the temperature during summer.

      It is easy for the poor farmer to avail natural light but in vertical farming artificial light is required which costs much. The natural farming model has been in practice since the Man started farming. The artificial mode of farming might have side effects also. We are experiencing the harmful effects of hybrid seeds and other chemicals.

    Farmers are not trained. They need proper training to cultivate crops.

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    The idea of vertical farming seems good but the main problem is the cost of vertical farming. Though with adequate help from the government this type of farming can be initiated, the important thing is the reduction of green cover. Encroaching upon the farmlands and forests will not be helpful in the long run and with the increasing pollution it will be quite difficult to breathe fresh air. It has to be seen why the population cannot be controlled in our country and what measures can be taken to effectively control it. Thinking for an alternative in various situations is always encouraging but if the change of the situation is not for our betterment then we need to find ways to avoid such a situation.

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    We are already seeing it happening in cities and town where many high rising complexes are being constructed and their number is increasing day by day. When the available land is not in plenty for villa type construction, there is no other way except going for multi storeyed housing complexes.
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    Vertically stacked layers are used in vertical farming. Using these vertical stacks forming us done. Generally, this is done in controlled conditions and is known as controlled-environment agriculture, I have seen some such farming in India also. I have seen 2 or 3 sites producing mushrooms. This mushroom farming is done in vertical farming ways only in controlled temperatures. There are some reports on this aspect. The yields are higher than normal farming. But the cost of production will be high in this case. The challenge in this farming is maintaining the temperatures within the required levels. Many times they use conditioner air and they require uninterrupted power. So backup power is very important for this. That is why the initial investments are also high in this type of form. All these things put together the cost of production will be very high and the customer has to pay the price if he wanted to have this product. In India this is not very popular but may come up when there is a necessity, I think.
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    Our villagers who have less land must be encouraged to this way of farming.
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    People have forgotten the greatness of agriculture. The focus is on many other things that are more profitable than that. There are many reasons for this. Income from agriculture is very low. There is low profit to be made from the money spent and manpower applied. The fact that lack of not having the required number of workers also motivates it to move away from that segment. The changed focus turned to flat construction and real estate. Everyone needs a home, and so it is easy to sell flats, and the income from it is huge. People turned to more lucrative businesses. Those who used to eat rice from their farmland started buying rice from the market at high prices and eating it. Such people sold their farmland or build skyscraper buildings on it and sold it at a good price and amassed money, found that buying and eating rice was more profitable than farming. It does not matter to them whether or not the damage to the environment, the obstruction of the flow of water, the resulting flooding, and other problems.

    Now about vertical cultivation. The concept of vertical cultivation originated from the invention of the vertical garden. Vertical cultivation may be sufficient for things like mushroom cultivation. But it is never enough to grow rice and wheat. In the Vertical Garden, you can grow ornamental plants and flowers that stand out and the flowers are arranged in clusters. But that system is inadequate for widespread, farm-like cultivation.

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    Perhaps you have not noticed that this type of farming requires a big amount and the farmer who has some acres of land only, so being poor how he can do this vertical farming? For your information, almost 85% farmers are poor in our country.

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    Terrace Farming:
    Terrace farming is considered to be more profitable than vertical farming. The method is to build stands and galleries on the terrace and fill the soil with large grow bags or plastic bags and place them on the stands or gallery, then grow vegetables.

    By installing a large plastic bag or portable tank on the iron frame at the terrace, and grow fish in it. Water in the tank should change at regular intervals depending on the size of the tank and the number of fish in it, for the healthy growth of fishes in the tank. The changed water from the tank is used in terrace farming of vegetables and other crops for watering. It is known as Aquaponics cultivation. It will be more profitable than vertical farming. Everything grown in vertical farming can also be grown in terrace farming. Income from fish farming can be considered as a bonus.

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    In our country fertile land is available and all they need is a sufficient water supply. The necessity for any other type of farming arises when the land available is small. We have no such problem in India. Those who are interested can adopt terrace gardening as a hobby since backyards are not available. We can learn a lot about this on Youtube.
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