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    Some defeats are more glorious than some victories.

    All human beings are busy making plans for success. Everyone wants to succeed anyway. Whether it is in exams or crises. In a world where compliments and congratulations are limited to winners, that is the way it should be. But we must not forget that some failures should be respected more than victories, and some losers should be held together with us more than the winners.

    Many defeats may not be the fault of the losers alone. Defeats due to irresponsibility are unacceptable. But in the face of great challenges, defeats due to unfamiliarity must be viewed with the respect they deserve. The joy and excitement of success do not last long. But the impact of the defeat will last until another victory. Many are defeated, it does not have to be because of incompetency.

    Some will give up to see those who think they are more deserving than themselves win. In this world that teaches that victory is only by defeating others, are not those who defeat themselves and allow others to win, more victorious than those winners?

    Kenyan athlete Abel Mudayi and Spanish athlete Ivan Fernandez participated in a long-distance running race. Abel became the first in front of the finishing line, but due to confusion, he stopped running there. Evan, from the second position, loudly asked several times to continue running. But due to understanding his language, Abel stayed there without running. When Ivan reached back of Abel, he pushed Abel over to the finishing line. Then a press correspondent asked him if he did not push Abel, he could win the race. The answer of Ivan is relevant here: "What good is the success that comes from the confusion of someone who is on the path to success?"
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    A classic example is given in this thread and the answer of Ivan is something we should not forget. Yes, in this particular example the defeat is quite glorious because the winner was in confusion. In cricket matches, we will find there are some players who automatically walk out of the crease after edging a ball to the wicketkeeper and never wait for the signal of the umpire. In the heart of a cricket fan, these players remain the winners even if their team loses a game. These acts are always glorious.

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    Everybody wants to win every race in his life. Who doesn't want to succeed in his efforts and who does not want to achieve his target. The given example of athletes is an exceptional case in sports. Rarely, such incidents occur in sports and it is due sportsman spirit that is inculcated in their hearts. But all athletes are not on the same boat. Such incidents are related to some individuals.
    Sachin Tendulkar was batting at 99 runs - one run short to his century (in England). On the next ball he was out, the bowler appealed outloud but umpire did not declare him out, Sachin saw umpire and then moved towards pavilion.
    In an another match Australian team was playing in Bangladesh, Ricky Ponting, the captain, was declared out by third umpire. But he was not satisfied to his decision. He went towards third umpire box and pressurised him to declare him Not Out. And third upire declared him Not Out as he said.

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    In a match between India and England, the umpire declared an English batsman out ( I don't remember his name). GR Visvanath was the Indian Captain. He found that the batsman was not out. So he called him back. That batsman made a century in the match and India lost the match. When the journalists asked Visvanath why he reversed the decision of the Umpire, the captain simply replied denying a chance to the batman is not correct and even though we win such a match we will never consider that victory as a victory. Similarly, we have seen some batsmen walking out before the umpire declares them out.
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    It is the fact that some defeats are more glorious than the victories because the defeat is at the hands of most powerful and going. In many elections we have seen the powerful leaders beating the dust at the hustings as the lesser known leader is won and that would be disastrous for the popular leader. When Hanuman went to Lanka to know the whereabouts of Sita, he had the ability to destroy and even wage war with Ravana, but that does not bring the glory to Ram, so he just gave the coating to some wrong doers there and also destroyed the property and that gave enough indication to Ravana that the show down is going to be more in the future. So the fight between the equals would be good and even defeated that would give the greatest satisfaction of having lost at the hands of popular person. Those defeats would be memorable.
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