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    Do you adore rainy Season?

    When the rains come, the whole landscape changes, the buildings are cleaned with showers from the sky, the dry lands turn green, the atmosphere becomes cool, and I like the rains and the rainy season much. Going for a walk in rains protecting oneself with umbrella or raincoat is a very enthralling experience and I wait for it throughout the year. Do you like the rains? How do you feel when it is raining? Do you go out in the rains? Please share your experiences.
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    Rains are very much needed for the world. We can't survive without rains. Timely rains will give us good crops and good yields. But untimely rains are never desirable.
    During my childhood, we used to make boats with papers and drop them in stagnated rainwater and used to enjoy. Our father used to shout at us if we get into the rain water. But somehow we managed to get wet in rain and enjoy the same.
    I used to have a raincoat and I used to wear and go out during the rain to attend the office in time. These days I enjoy watching rain by sitting before the window while having hot tea or coffee.

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    Rains are liked by many as they want to drench and enjoy the showers and they would not hesitate to dance and jump in ecstacy during the rain. In fact there are some clubs in Hyderabad which arranges rain dance created through the ariticifical showers. But many like to enjoy themselves in the natural rain. I have seen some youths playing in the wet mud throwing against each other during the rain and that was great to watch how they enjoy life not giving credence to the health issues. Nevertheless rains should be less and going and not the severe one through which we have other side effects of health issues.
    K Mohan @ Moga
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    The rainy season brings joy to me. I like it very much. Sometimes, I like to walk while splashing the floods on the roads. I always enjoy the rain. I like to sit under the tin shade when heavy rain drop on the tin shade, it creates a lot of dins which pleases me like sweet music, also I like to have tea and pakode or paratha during this season.
    It is too hot nowadays. People are squirming for rain. Right now when I am typing this content the sky seems to be covered with black clouds, big clouds are approaching from the east, probably it may rain soon.

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    Yes, I like the rainy season. After a hot summer, the rains bring a lot of relief. While rain is essential for the crops it creates a lot of sensation in the minds. The atmosphere turns green during the rainy season and everything becomes quite fresh. The only problem during the season is waterlogging at some places, otherwise, it is always good to enjoy various colours of nature.

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    Yes, I find the rainy season very nice and tempting. I also like to get wet in the rain. At this time, the whole environment looks like a new one and seeing the greenery all around, the heart jumps with joy.

    It's raining every few days for a day or two, although it doesn't rain for a long time, but I go outside to enjoy it.


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    Today only I received a whatsapp message which I liked much.
    I quote"
    Only in Mumbai rains change from 'What lovely' to 'vaat laavli' in just 30 minutes

    Though it is pun on any Mumbaikar language, it is also stating about an emerging situation nowadays.
    For those not faniliar with the Marathi usage let me try to interpret.

    When rains come to a thirty, water scarce and hot-humid place, people welcome it and sincerely enjoy it praising it as 'what lovely it is. But as seen in the current climate changes, suddenly it tuns to heavy downpour causing waterlogging and flooding affecting smooth life.Then people tend to say 'Vaat laavli' means bad situation has come. Now the phrase is used in Hindi also as 'Waat lag gaya'.

    I think, I have answered the title question.

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    During my childhood I lived in a hilly region where we had occasional snow falls also and winter was a bit longer. Summer was the time for joy at that place but rains brought dampness and wet weather and it was not very welcome after the so much pleasant summer. So, that time I did not have any attraction or fancy for rain. Later when I moved to the plains below, I realised the value of rains as how much it soothed us after the scorching summer.
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    The rainy season is one of the favorite seasons for many more people, especially for kids. Change of season also a gift of nature helps in making life possible, so every season has its own importance and every season is equally important. The month of Sawan, which comes in the rainy season, has a lot of religious significance and this is the season whose rain is considered most beneficial. There is no doubt that after the rain when we see the surrounding scenery, it looks very clean and clean and this beauty settles in our eyes but at the same time, we take care of many things during the rainy days and enjoy this season. Two days ago, in my area in the evening in light rain and strong cold wind and during this time by walking on the terrace for a long time, I got cold and fever. It is very natural because every changing season brings new changes, so we should maintain a balance of joy and caution in the season.

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    As long as rains are not nasty and just a shower for while there cannot be any disturbance to any. But the rains are continuous and the down pour lasts for many days inundating the roads and that would be nasty experience for all and many communicable diseases are bound to attract the many and rainy seasons are not good for the children and the elders.
    K Mohan @ Moga
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Yes, I too enjoy the rainy season. To be specific, the rainy season in India comes when the monsoon arrives in June month. This is the time when barren land turns green, weather becomes cool and there is a soothing relief from the high temperature of summers. But on the other hand, if the rain is high enough, it causes flood and people have to suffer also.
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    I too adore the rainy season but my fear dominates my happiness. I don't know why but I have a big fear because of the thunders and lightening. Also I am afraid of the accidents that happen due to heavy wind and rains. I will just be worried about what may go wrong in the surroundings.

    I have this fear a lot so it dominates my feeling of enjoying the beauty of the atmosphere.

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