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    If every one works from home is there need for office ?

    It is the fact that many are working from home and for IT companies the order was given long back to continue work from home till the end of the December 2021. That means many offices which were leased out for these companies may be vacant with no staff. In that case the rent would be waste and company can save by closing those office on lease. In future also companies may be preferring work from home culture and they may shut the offices for sure. Do you have any idea about this happening? What is your view on this.
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    An office is required where all the official documents are kept, though nowadays most of them are kept online. The office always has a special environment where you meet your colleagues and can discuss any problem face to face. This type of interaction is missing when people work from the comfort of their homes. But, when a large section of the employees is working from home then surely keeping a large office space is wastage of money. In such scenarios, I am sure the companies are also thinking of some cost-cutting measures and in future, a small office for such companies will be sufficient. One important aspect is data security and in an office enclosure, more stringent security measures are there compared to what people have in their home. With the use of the latest technologies, the devices used for official work and the internet connectivity can be made more secure and we hope in the near future certain section of the workforce, those who do not have to deal with customers directly, may opt for WFH.

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    Many small IT companies closed their offices and shifted to new smaller places. But the companies in SEZ is having some understanding with the government and they can't vacate just like that as they got those facilities for a very reasonable rate. I heard that a minimum of 33% occupancy should be there. Otherwise, they have to hand over the facility and in this bargain, the company may lose heavily. So they are not vacating and minimum attendance especially people in very high position are attending the office. Recently I heard that the government is relaxing this 33% occupancy rate. But I am not sure.
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    I think work from home is a temporary makeshift because of lockdown and restrictions in the pandemic era. Every work can not be done online, only some specific office work is feasible from home. However, it was a new experience in our country. It is one of the new normal.
    The offices which have direct dealing with the public, how to interact with them in person may be a big problem because all public dealings can't be carried out on phone, rather, physical meeting across the table is essential. Every company will have to maintain an office for this purpose.
    Many years ago I was working in a company that had hired a cabin as company's office in a business centre. It was a big office complex, where different companies would hire cabins as their offices. A gentleman would often visit our cabin (office). He was running a travel agency. Whenever any client would come to meet him he would hire a cabin for a day and visitor would have this impression he had an excellent big office.

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    The present arrangement is due to the pandemic phase and once the situation improves, they would go in for the old regime. Though the employers in the present scenario are not the losers in the sense that they are getting the targeted results with the proper allocations of the jobs but there are certain points where they might lack in the present situation. The major thrust of the IT companies are to make interaction with the clients and for that they need to have their own employees having high positions and the clients where they could discuss the issues how best IT company could serve the clients. In that situation, telephonic version is not enough rather the open discussion matters. Hence IT companies would like to have the old regime once the situation improves.

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    Some companies achieved stupendous success through WFH concept and want to continue in future also.
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    One asked if trains are coming in right time, what is the need of retiring rooms or wide platforms. Like this if everybody working from home how the needy persons approach in some urgency or needy hours when they are not contactible over phone.

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    I am currently residing in Kakkanad, Kochi – the main IT hub of Kerala. My two children work at the Infopark here. Large multinational companies have between 2500-3000 employees as well as small companies with 200-300 employees. The MNC where my daughter works have two large campuses. They have temporarily closed the campus in Phase II. It is relatively small. But it is not known to have given back to the authority. By the time the first wave of covid-19 came to an end, notices had been given to all employees to attend work on campus at least two days a week. But that notice has been put on hold since the lockdown began. Up to 10 percent of the employees had come and worked on their main campus up to Lockdown. Except for those from other states and districts far away from Kochi, the physical presence in the office for working. In any case, the closed Phase II campus is also being opened and verified from time to time. So I don't think it will be reduced to a single Main Campus. It is undisputed that their offices are very essential for their wide operation.
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