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    If ISC conducts an examination!

    Everybody is busy writing their posts, the editorial team is equally busy editing the posts and planning out new contests. This is the usual way of how moderated sites function. Now, if ISC suddenly thinks of conducting an examination for its members would you be surprised? Of course, that examination will not be on any specific subject because all the members are from various backgrounds but will be on something that we all need to be aware of. It can be from help topics, it can be related to a specific contest or pertaining to different sections. Actually, it can be something to evaluate the members about how well they are aware of the site and what are the things they should concentrate on while submitting their posts. Now, the interesting part can be setting the question paper for the exam. There may be some MCQs, a few descriptive ones and also a bit of grammar. What else can be there in the question paper? Members, please give your opinion.
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    Good post emanated from the author and I wish to give the following suggestion to the editorial teal to conduct exam by giving topics or headings to each one of the member and just give two minutes to respond. That proves the writing profess of the concerned authors without referring any source or the internet. There are good number of members who can also give the voice text to the managing editor upon asking the question over the mobile and that should be instant and time bound. I would love to have such exam conducted and that would really prove who can pass with best marks.
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    A very good suggestion to value the real potential of a member as to how much he knows about their own ISC family. The questions could be objective and descriptive. The questions should be posted in a thread and the answers should be invited to the e-mail ID of the Managing editor. Members can acknowledge and inform ISC through a response that they have posted their answers.
    There should be a minimum of 50 questions from various sections and in general. Questions testing IQ, GK, English grammar should also be included. A maximum of 30 minutes should be allowed. Members should be alerted about the examination with date and time well in advance (one week in advance)
    Suitable prizes should be awarded to the top scorers.

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    Very interesting post submitted by the member and it will evoke a lot of interest from the members as well as ISC management. As other members have also suggested, the pattern of the exam and its syllabus can be worked out and it will an interesting activity to participate in that.

    One thing that I want to mention at this juncture is that so far the various contests in ISC are to some extent in the nature of exam only for testing our language and creative skills only and we participate in them using our best of calibres and sometimes win the prizes also. So we have to see as this proposed exam will be in what way different from the existing contests.

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    The idea is not bad. If any online contest is held at a fixed time in which a maximum number of users may participate. Instant questions are asked from ISC and each of us will answer instantly. Else there is no need for any competition/contest/examination because several other contestsp are held periodically.

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    The MCQ format is a feasible idea. However, 50 questions are excessive (let's not overburden the contest organizer!) Let's see if any other suggestions on the format come up. Maybe something in a riddle format?

    If something feasible is brought up, we can have it as a series, like unit tests, perhaps even having different editors organizing each one, rather than crowding all in a single contest, and then give bumper prizes. The bumper prizes would be awarded only to those who participate across all the series.

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    I welcome Vandana ME's suggestion to conduct the examination in series, and award a bumper prize at the end after consolidating them. One section should be objective, the other descriptive, the other riddles, and puzzles and general.
    By the way, when can we expect this examination? I am ready.

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    I feel the contests that are being conducted are also some sort of examinations only. Of course, there is no rule that all should participate in these contests.
    If it is an examination can we say all members should participate in these examinations and get qualified to continue as a member on the site. Then there should be a criterion for getting qualified. If it is only like a contest people who are interested can participate and the best will get the award. What will be the difference between contest and examination,
    It is a good idea to evaluate the abilities of the member. Then all the questions should have a set answer and that answer should be released for the reference of the members before declaring the results. The organisers of the entrance test will release the key before finalising the ranks and they will give a chance to the students to make their representations. A similar chance should be given to all members who participated in the examination.

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    Dr Rao - let's not take it literally like an exam and talk about continuing to be qualified members of the site! It's just a fun concept that would be highly entertaining and my little grey cells are working on it.

    What popped in my mind today morning was conducting it just like our educational system of the 10 (Class 10)+2 (Class 12)+3(Graduate), maybe even a further +2(Postgraduate). Accordingly, we'll have "Question Papers" with MCQs and other activities, with points being assigned for each. We can have it this way-
    Allow a member to progress to +2 only on passing Class 10 (a certain number of points to be scored), move to the +3 only on passing Class 12, etc.
    Let all members participate in all the units, irrespective of what they score in the previous unit.

    We can have the entire 'exam' based only on ISC-related aspects. Each QP will be for a short duration only, just like it is for an exam, maybe announced on a Saturday morning and closed latest by Sunday noon.

    Please let me know your thoughts. Accordingly, I will work on this and schedule it for July, which is when we celebrate ISC's birthday.

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