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    Why don't greed has its point of satiety.

    Most of the things have their point of satiety, which means after that level if we consume them, then they yield a negative return. But think if this principle applies to greed then how beautiful this world would be? That's why it is an exception to the law of diminishing utility. Greed goes on rising and this is the main cause for all problems. If I am given a chance to give a graphical representation to greed then I would assign it a graph of the exponential function. Like that it shoots up and that's crippling whole the society. Greed leads to bribery, corruption and then all problems start. Greed is competent with growth, if greed rises growth will definitely lose the game
    This greed is contagious also. Generally, it is seen that if one person is greedy in a department then the whole department turns to be greedy. The satisfaction level is deteriorating day by day and no one is satisfied. But by the grace of God, still, some people are not greedy but this needs to be cured as soon as possible as there is no vaccine for this contagious disease.
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    It is doubtful if there is anyone who thinks that achieving something necessary is enough. The worldview is to store as much as we can. Procurement is carried out without interruption through illicit means, with or without straight and right acquisition. Illegality. The main reason for this is greed. The greed of the greedy is the thought that we should have received what belongs to others. Greed has been in no shortage and never will be. It is only through greed that those working in government departments become enslaved to corruption and bribery. This greed will continue until such people are expelled from the department. If a message can be given to the employees in the service through the confirmation of expulsion of such people, being extensively searched and expelled from the service, then greed, and corruption at the government level and bribery will end. No other vaccine can cure the disease of greed.
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    Greed itself means satiation, a process that never allows man to realize perfection, and there is only one thought in man's mind, that is, a little more, a little more while doing so. Inculcates the never-ending greed in his life in such a way that that greed can be seen as an assistant with every emotion. Looking at some people, it seems that they are only greedy for money but in reality, it is not so, that greed is not limited to money only, but by giving themselves good status, good house, more facilities, a good appearance in front of the world, etc. The end of greed is only when one realizes that vain earned is not worth it and the smell of their greed can drive people away from it. Greed is considered to be the biggest factor of corruption which is also true. But we should not leave the starting of greed even in small form because later when greed takes a big form, it turns into corruption.

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    I agree that there should be a limit to greed and this limit should be ostensible too. Personally, I feel this greed of name, fame, wealth, power, social status etc is limited but the person who has this greed is unable to see this limit but all of a sudden a moment comes in his life when his heart, mind, soul begin to cry "No more greed, no more want". It happens when he comes across an accident, an incident that shakes his whole existence and he begins to realise how wrong he was.
    However, the positive side of greed is that it always stimulates a person to keep him alive or progress or uplift his social status or provide a better lifestyle to his family or acquire more property and wealth or reach culmination etc. Sensible and decent greed does not sound bad but if this greed encroaches on the personal space of other people or deprive them of their legal and lawful rights or snatch others' lives, happiness and peace etc this greed changes into a curse.

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    Greed is never good. Working hard and trying to achieve a high position in our lives Is not wrong. But we should not expect more than what we deserve. The achievements will be always in proportion to our efforts. We should not expect windfall without doing anything.
    When we see somebody who is leading a better life, thinking that we should also live like him is not greed, There is nothing wrong with that. But without putting any efforts if we develop greed about the other person who struggled a lot and achieved a position in life is a very bad trait.

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    May God created greed habit in human to test the level of wisdom, understanding others and how best he is taking care of himself and his dependents. If greed has the saturation point the world would be on the lines of Gautham Buddha teachings, Swamy Vivekananda preaching. But we are guided by the wants and more from others share is what disturbing our trait and we are bound to work against our principles. Even the good person is bound to be under the influence of greed as the society would prevail upon to be greed otherwise he would not considered in their league or grouping.
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