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    Have you set a destination and arrival time for your travel?

    If you have no idea where to go, what is the use of where, and when will you reach? (This is all about the journey of life) If you are determined to get where you want to go, you should get there and should be at the earliest. The personal grief of many is not only that they can't get where they want to reach, but that they can't even go there. Those who have to travel silently or under the influence behind a strap controlled by someone can never reach where they want to be.

    Before embarking on any journey, there are a few things to keep in mind. Find answers to questions such as where to travel, how far to travel, when will we reach there, who the fellow passengers are, whether their companions know the way, what to do if they get lost on the route and whether the sub-routes will get us to our destination instead. The answers to these questions ensure the quality of the trip.

    Arriving at the specified location too early cannot be seen as excellent. Neither is there any justification for being too late? Each journey has its speed and time. Only when traveling at that speed and time, travel offers lessons and experiences.
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    If it is planned travel we can set the place of origin and return. I used to book a ticket for onward journey from one place and nearest railway station point of another place in which area I planned to visit. By staying in one big city where I got the return ticket I used to visit all places in and around and return safely from the station where from the return ticket booked. This is also for the sake of later chaos in availing seat in the train.

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    I always plan my travel. When to start, from where to start, when to reach, where to reach, what should I do, what should I carry for the journey, where to stay, where to dine and what to dine etc. It is always good to make a travel plan to be successful. For a group travel, we need to think and plan well.
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    Normally our travels are made with defiinite plans and there cannot be unsure happenings. Right from the ticket booking, leaving on time, reaching the destination and coming back to the home are pre planned and there cannot be postponement without reason. But I wish to deal with the life arrival and life departure. While the arrival of a child is pre-determined and even the doctors say very rightly, but the departure ie the death is not predicted before and this is where we cannot guarantee our life. No body can predict the death and only approximate date can be said by the doctor and sometimes the patient survives against all odds.
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    We usually pick up or book a ticket for the trip, book the destination accurately, take care of all the necessary items, make a list of things to do when arriving, booking a place to reside, deciding how many days to stay, start the journey after preparing and keeping all the essentials with us. No disputes in that.
    But what about our life journey? That is what we are discussing here, subjecting ourselves to self-analysis. Please try to analyze our conclusions about our journey in life. (It was mentioned in the post)

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    A nice message is given by the author and I completely agree with him, we cannot enjoy the journey until we know where we have to go and this often happens with people who hand over the entire responsibility of the journey to the driver only. . In the journey of life also we have many drivers and all these drivers are our own relationships with which we are connected and many times we decide our journeys according to them but during such journey, we keep increasing our dependence on them. Choose a purpose of life and put all your efforts to achieve that purpose, move away from whatever obstacle is in your path or journey and go on living enjoying the pleasant experience of your pleasant life journey. After all this our life and maybe we choose our own life so when we choose life then we should also choose our own journey by ourselves.

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    Life is not like a planned journey. It is like an unplanned journey. We even don't know where we have to go? But we will plan many things as if we have everything in our hands. But we know that there is nothing in our hands. It all destiny. But we can't leave everything to destiny. We should put in our sincere efforts to achieve our targets and goals. Even after doing our best, we may not get the expected results. That we can say is destiny.
    Even though we don't know why we are here, we will have some desires and ambitions. We should always have travel plans to reach our destinations. Similalry we should also have plans to reach our targets within the time we planned. Then only we will be successful in our life. Othewise we will go with the wind. Whatever happens happen and whatever comes comes. Then there is no purpose in our life and we never know what is our destination and where will we land and when we will land there.

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    The journeys undertaken by us are always planned in advance we try our best to stick to it unless some unfortunate situations compel us to postpone the journey in the wake of self sickness or otherwise. We cannot differ the same because it would cause certain inconvenience such as cancellation of tickets, communicating the same to our relatives where we are to land. Hence the planning is made well in advance taking care of all these aspects.
    However, the journey of life is unpredictable and we have witnessed the same in the present situation when we have lost our close relatives all of sudden due to the pandemic phase. It was not at all predictable in most of the cases. They lost their lives within a short spell of time.Hence to sum up, the journey of life is the mixture of both sorrows and happiness which might alternate.

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    The author has written about the journey of life. How we should spend it or how we should take this journey? Where we have to go? When we have to reach our destination? What is the use of this journey? Some people may be worried whether or not they will reach? Will they travel silently under the influence of someone? Who is with us on this journey? What is the mode of this journey? Will our co-travellers take us to our destination? Will they take us on a shortcut? How they will reach their destination? Will we reach our destination on time or before time or being late? And at the end, he said that each journey has time and speed and thus travelling offers lessons and experience?

    My views about the journey of life:
    I know what will happen after this journey but when this journey will come to. an end is not known to us. All people around us are co-travellers. We have to travel together either quarrelling with each other or showing love and affection and making friends. This journey is going on constantly, who will get down earlier than others, where he will get down, how long this journey of individual traveller will continue are hidden secrets.

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