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    What made you believe in, “as you sow so shall you reap”. We got a case study here.

    I have been wondering onto this since awfully long and honestly speaking, I am still much confused whether this can undoubtedly be called the universal truth, or this depend upon the belief system which we belong to.

    Suppose when I jump from a sky and below is a concrete surface then do I need to explain what would be the end of mine or should I be feeling delighted that because I belong to a certain belief system, read a certain book or that I kept babbling of certain names throughout my life therefore nothing will happen to me?

    There are instances and the outcomes which can not be explained in a scientific way and therefore they choose the method of approach through spiritual ways to justify the events. How would you explain the below event?

    1. The child born with disabilities. Would you believe that it is a God's will but then why God would ever want a child to be born with disabilities? What the child has done in the end that he has been awarded with disability.

    In accordance with our belief system and what we have taught in that, we will have our own cognizance in the above event. And to my understanding I would strongly advocate the importance of "karma" or "actions" in our life. Based on our actions now we are bound to receive the outcomes accordingly. No more no less.
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    Many people have different views about God. An orthodox group thinks that God dwells in the temple. But most people believe that God is omnipresent. Those who belong to the first category believe that the Kingdom of God is happy and that heaven is happy, beyond the earth without suffering and losses. But most have concluded that we must create the kingdom of God and heaven on earth. I would like to be in the second group if asked which of these is correct. The scriptures say that those who want to enter heaven or the kingdom of God should treat their neighbor as a brother and as ourselves in their earthly abode. Everyone wants to go to heaven after this world. But no one is willing to do what they are told to do in life if they want to go to heaven. So I think the subject is what the author is pointing to as some of God's experiments for others to understand. There may be those who disagree with this. None of us thinks that such a negative subject will form in the character of God that we expect. It is believed that God made a calculation of the good and bad things that man does in his lifetime and sends everyone to the positions they deserve. It is hoped that this will include what the author said as part of such an implementation.
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    @Wilson K. Mathew,
    To my understanding, the temples have been the centers for meditation and prayers but since long this has been narrowly defined by few. However, God is omnipresent in every existing belief system. The only difference lies in approach in reaching to Him.

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    What you sow so shall you reap. It holds good for many aspects. It all depends on positive thinking from the beginning and the process towards the achivement. If the start was bad, then the journey would be cumbersome, challenging and even non starter after a distance. One thing is sure everbody wants to lead a good life but the start up depends very much. I have seen some people never come across the challenges in life and they always gone through the great phase of life. That is very astonoshing. What is the meaning of life without risk and challenges. The life should have mixed feelings.
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    Everybody reaps what he sows. It is a universal fact. Someone may object to it that many people who are killing innocent people, embezzle the money of others, confiscate the property of the weak and perpetrating anti-human activities are mustering up money from illegal means and becoming popular among people. They are above the law. We see many people around us of this sort.

    We see some people are wealthy. They have so much wealth and property and on another side, we see some people who hardly get two-time meals. Many of them are poor and pauper. We see some people are healthy and some people are handicapped. The author has also raised the issue of unhealthy newborn babies. These are some questions that need answers.

    I believe in Justice in this world as well as in the hereafter. Sometimes we see these powerful people are not punished in this life but I have sterling faith that on judgement day they will be brought to justice.

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    What you sow so shall you reap. This is a fact and all will accept this. A mango tree will give you mangoes but not bananas. If you help somebody when they are in difficulties and need your help, they will help you when you are in need. If the same people may not help you but definitely you will receive help from another source. There is no doubt about it. Irrespective of to which faith you belong, the same is the belief. Heaven or hell are not there separately. They are on the earth only. It is you who creates one based on your actions which we may call Karma. For the people who believe in rebirth the way in which you live in this life may be a result of your actions in the previous births. We see some people who are very kind, good and helpful. Such people may also suffer in this birth. Some people ask why he should suffer when he has not done any mistakes. the belief is that probably the suffering may be a result of his action in his earlier births.
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