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    Do numbers sometimes rekindle your memory?

    There are some occasions when I find the numbers amusing and interesting especially when it triggers some old memory to come alive. Once it so happened that I was boarding a bus to travel to some place and just glanced at its number plate and a few moments later I realised that the four numbers were same as that of the scooter which I had with me some time back. It was really very interesting to note that. Then another time when I called a cab for going to Railway station I was surprised to see that it had same number as the car number of my brother. These are of course some coincidences only but are interesting as they evoke some number which is already in our memory. Have you experienced such a thing anytime?
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    Once I was going to DRDO in Hyderabad in my car. I have seen a car with a very familiar number. I was thinking that where did I see that number. Later on, I recollected that the number same as that of my first car, the Ambassador car. Once I have seen a car with a number of four digits and all the digits are the same number. Then I remembered that my MD's car number is the same. Like this sometimes we experience such issues.
    I have a fancy of numbers. I prefer number 3 and 7. Whenever I have to choose a number I will try to choose any one of these two. If the number is having more digits I prefer a number when we total all the numbers to a single number it should be either 3 or 7.

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    Whether it is true or not, we are all connecting to one number or the other no matter they may not be the facied one yet rekindle our thought for one reason or the other. I always liked 7 number not that it proved to be luck for me in my life. But Invariably I have seen that those with this number has always florished well and going. The James Bond 007 is the most fascinated number and even today it is famous. Many leaders car numbers carry this number and that may be 7, 77, 777, or 7777. And I have seen Muslims getting fascinated over the number 786 and in old city we can see so many vehicles with this number.
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    Our memories are in one way or the other connected to something that we have seen or experienced in the past. It need not be numbers only. It can be a visual, a song, a scene from a movie or a similar incident that we had seen, a familiar face, sound or even a feeling. The number of the room of a hotel in which you are staying may take you back to a day when you had occupied a room with the same or similar number and can lead you to automatically recollect some memories of that day. Similarly, when you hear a song that has some personal experience connected to it, you may recollect the memories of that time when you hear the song again. So, some numbers too can instantly take you to an old experience or incident or to something personal.
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    I appreciate this observation of the author, as we all are probably like this but do not observe much. It absolutely happens that when we remember a particular number, no matter what the reason, but when we see the same number somewhere, then our memory wakes up again. Actually, the most important thing behind this is the science of our brain. We know that the human brain is made up of many fibers and they work to store memories. By the way, women's memory is relatively better in terms of numbers and dates, it is also believed that. Whatever it may be, numbers are often associated with the events of our life.

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