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    At what age we worry about the future ?

    From the birth to the age of five, we are in the lap of mother and live with the patronage of elders and much adoring from others including father. When the schooling starts, the parents start worrying more about our daily progress and studies and we are just reminded of the tasks. When we grow up to the college level, the parents again plan for your future and we are not worried. When the job opportunities start we grab the best and start working and soon the marriage is arranged and family way starts. Then when a person starts thinking or worrying about himself and future.?
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    Most people,barring a few unfortunate ones, are quite worry free about their future, at least until they reach their late adolescent years. Even then it is restricted to thinking and charting a support and guidance.
    The serious thought about future starts when one gets married and progressively grows . The list of concerns and cares become larger and slowly turn to worry by the forties and fifties. At this stage, irrespective of whether one is rich,poor, boss or subordinate, worry creeps in. Only,the degree and impact varies.

    Depending on various factors from bringing up and experience to the finances, aims and expectations, achievements and failures etc, the degree and depth pf worries vary. The start o worry is actually the sense o responsibility and duty. But without one's own knowledge it turns to worry in most cases.

    However our ancestors were quite aware of the detrimental effects of worry. There are any number of verses in Sanskrit on this.
    One exqmple:
    Chintajwaro manushyaanaam,
    Kshudhamm nidraam balam haret;
    Roopamutsaahabudhim shreem jeevitam cha na samsayah.

    The fever of(heat of) worry robs you of your thirst, hunger,beauty,intellect,prosperity and no doubt,he life itself.
    In modern days also it is said that 'Hurry, Worry and Curry' are the cause major illnesses.
    That is why a great importance is given in our tradition to Shanti-worry free peace,and almost all prayers and invocations end with Om Shanti Shanti Shanti.
    Yoga practice is prescribed to keep mind under control and worry free calmness.

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    Thinking and worrying are entirely different. These two terms cannot be equated in any way. Worry always has anxiety associated with it, whereas thinking about something is to look for a solution to it. Let me give you statistics which is quite worrisome. Do you know that one student commits suicide every hour in our country? They commit suicide because they remain worried about their future. This worry starts when the parents of the students begin to worry. The children understand the mind of the parents and take some drastic measures. It is the duty of the parents not to be worried at all and tell the children what life is all about. The topic is described here as if life is so smooth-sailing for everybody. It cannot be generalised in this way, in fact in many cases it is quite different. If that was the case, then there wouldn't be students committing suicides every hour in our country. There is absolutely no need to worry about the future. Think of the future, plan it but don't get worried. This should be followed by every parent and then only students will have a life free of worries.

    "Life is easier when you enjoy what you do"

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    Everyone is a child if his/her parents or one of them is still alive. Their blessings are always with him. If someone has become the grandfather of some children but he is lucky that shadow of his/her parents is still on his/her head, it means that they are still small children in the eyes of parents.
    Parents care about their issues. How they should grow up or how the best educational environment should be given to them, they keep on pondering over this issue. They admit their children to good schools where they could get the best education. They hire tutors also. When their children have grown and completed their education parents worry about their employment, especially, lower-middle-class parents. What money they had they invested for the future of their issues. If parents don't see their issues employed all their dreams and hopes are shattered. When I see the faces of these hapless parents I feel pity for them.

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    In my view, a person starts worrying when he or she has to think about the career and there is nothing concrete in the sight. That is the phase of life when all sort of apprehensions come in our mind and we are also worried about the expectations and aspirations of our parents and society from us. Everyone is not so lucky to get a good job or a job of one's choice and in our country there is a big struggle for that as opportunities are limited especially for the mediocre students. Once a person is well settled in the career then these worries will be lessened but other worries like related to family, children, financial stability etc might crop up. Though these things differ from individual to individual, still some element of worry will come in our livs because we will be supposed to take our decisions ourselves and not wait for parents for it.
    Knowledge is power.

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    When a person wants to settle down in his life then his worries increase. Which many factors are involved in career, marriage, savings. In childhood, it is natural not to feel any responsibility until a person starts playing, studying, and growing up with dependence on the family. But after growing up, where on one hand the concern about career, favorite and good-paying job starts, on the other hand, responsibilities also increase and at this age a person worries about his own future as well as the future of his loved ones. If a person is able to handle all responsibility in a hormany way he/she also manages all aspects of life.

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    Anxiety and worry are usually caused by the thought that we have to overcome everything alone. It does not matter of age. Those who are often addicted to the worries of how to move forward in life, from the children (those who have developed their intellect and lost their parents) to the elderly.

    But naturally, after marriage, moving away from the family to another house (build or rent a house), such thoughts first start to bother about the problems. The main reasons for this are not work-related or financial problems. It arises from the thought that life's problems must be faced alone. The situation before that was different. Before shifting the residence, they had the opportunity to discuss with the parents if there were any problems of that day. If there are parents alive, those who can come back with such problems to their parents are thus escaping from this worry to some extent.

    "Cheruthulli Peruvellam"
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