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    Do not strive, be a accomplished performer

    Performing better is the good trait in many of us but we some times fall short of expectations, some times perform good to the satisfaction and some times we surpass our own record and even others record to create new , and this is were we get into limelight and too much focus on us begins. But what the experts says do not strive, that is always accompanied with hard work and much to toil, instead be a accomplished performer through smart work and intelligent move through the own thought process that would pay way for new living order to others.
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    All can't be accomplished performers. They should strive for achieving the desired results. For example, a student can understand the lesson easily by hearing the teacher or reading the book once. But some students can't grasp the lessons so fast and they may have to strive for long to understand and remember the lesson. No doubt smart moves and intelligent acts may see that you will get positive results fast. But all will not have that much intelligence. So the way should depend on the individual and the advice of the author can't be taken by all. One should know their capabilities. Once they decided on a target their thinking should be to reach the target successfully. To achieve that if we have to strive, we should strive, The daughter of a rich man can become rich easily. She need not strive for earning. But the daughter of a middle-class person has to strive for long to become rich. She can't become rich overnight by having smart and intelligent thinking.
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    All of us have different abilities and working capacities. Some of us are self-starters. They just need main points or gist and further, they may explain it themselves. They are extraordinary people, then obviously their efforts and planning are also different from other people. It often happens with such people that they become examples for others.
    As the author has written about some other people, they are so smart in their activities that they themselves break their records again and again. E.g. Sergey Bubka of USSR/ Ukraine. He was a great athlete in the pole vault. He represented USSR till 1991 and after the separation of Ukraine, he played for his country and retired in 2001. Why I have written his name for example? The reason is that he was the greatest player of pole vault as long as he remains on the Field. He always broke his record and made a new record in this game.

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    It is not necessary that every work should be done only for better performance, the main purpose of doing the work should be that that work is being done with full dedication and sincerity, the results of such work are automatically good and also satisfactory. Some people are putting all their hard work towards the work only so that they can prove to be the best in front of the world but it is pointless to do so. No one knows the importance of our work more than us, so we also have to decide the significance of its result. The knowledge of experienced persons also helps us more in our work.

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    I fail to understand how one can become accomplished without striving for it. I think one should put in maximum efforts to accomplish a goal. How can one think of achieving something without being focused and working hard?
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    There exists a correlation between the striving and accomplishments. Unless you strive hard with all your focus on the jobs, the same thing cannot be accomplished successfully. Striving hard would provide you the skill of achieving the same within the shortest possible time. Striving teaches you multiple things including the patience to achieve the results. Even you attain experience due to constant striving. Hence striving is the important factor for achieving success in whatever you do. You cannot be a man accomplished with all the qualities unless you strive for it.

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    But how is it really possible? Without making great efforts is it possible to get the job done? Suppose, if you wish to visit a particular place other than planning for the visit you need to take many steps to reach that place. The same is applicable for each task. Without striving it is not possible to accomplish anything unless it is just a dream. In dreams, we can achieve our targets without doing anything.

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