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    Do you successfully communicate with others ?

    This is very important matter in our daily life. Communication may be through cell phone talking, though text messages, through gestures and even through eye contact way of conveying with others. But what is more important is the fact that how best we make the people understand. If some body ask you to repeat what you said, that is the pointer to correct ourselves and change the way of communication. And if someone gives the other reply than what you sought , that is also a big zero as you have not communicated properly. Any takers on this issue ?
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    Many times I think we have a discussion on this matter. Communication is a two-way process. One will be conveying and the other person will be receiving. Even though we communicate well if the other person is not concentrating on hearing and he is working on something else, he may not understand what we are telling. This is not the fault of the communicator but it is the fault of the receiver.
    These days we are seeing online classes. Many students are not concentrating on hearing the voice of the teacher. They will be just sitting before the phone and thinking something else or playing with a book. They will not understand the lesson. Here also the problem is with the receiver only,
    But there may be some cases where the communicator may not understand the level of the receiver and may be using a very high standard in his talking. So the communicator should use simple and easy language so that the receiving person can easily understand.

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    Yes, I always try to communicate clearly. Communication plays a very important role in our lives and the important factor here is talking clearly and listening properly. It is the responsibility of both the persons engaged in communication. Many times we wish to jump into action without properly listening to the instructions. This can create confusion and the task will not be done properly. Both the communicators have to use a common language so that the communication becomes a successful one. Now if you are talking to a person who is wearing a headphone, in most cases, you will find that the person wearing the headphone will ask you to repeat what you said. A wrong answer to a question is quite common. It may also mean that the other person is not aware of the correct answer.

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    When we communicate with others we should be alert enough that what message we intend to transmit to him/her should be plain as day. If we communicate abruptly, it is very much possible that he, /she might have skipped a few points of the given message. We should give our message to others either oral or written, however, it should be lucid and clear. I read someone's views about how to communicate with people he advised his readers that they should put their message before others as if they all are stupid young boys, they need clarity in the communication process, especially, when the medium of communication is text.

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