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    Censorship compulsory for television serials and advertisements

    It is believed our India is a cultured country. Many foreign countries appreciating our culture. But nowadays it is getting deteriorated day by day. Nowadays the television through its serials and especially through advertisements, take major role to kill our culture. Cinema has so but television brings everything into our house hall to spoil our children.
    Today I have seen one chocolate biscuit bitten by a couple at both ends, drinking tender coconut with two straws - all such things are copied by present children by seeing such advertisements.
    It is mandatory to fix censor board without money backup but keeping our country's culture.
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    That is true. I agree with the author. Sometimes some advertisements are creating tensions among the people also by criticising some faiths in some sections of the population. Such advertisements are creating difference among the people and leading to unrest among the people.
    Similarly, these serials are provoking people towards unnecessary controversies. In the families, people are learning some cheap technics and trying to use them among the people in the family. Especially many serials are targeting daughter in law and mother-in-law relations.
    There should be a regulatory body to control these serials and advertisements. All other programmes also should be reviewed and only suitable content should be allowed on TVs. But the whole problem comes with the freedom of media. Eventhough they are misusing freedom some section of the people always will support them.

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    TV or cinema both can be a threat to the culture if not properly monitored by the censor authorities. Now the most important thing is the yardstick with which the censor authorities monitor and regulate these things. There is a wave of modernisation everywhere and if censor becomes too strong, many people might not like that. So, some code of conduct for the TV or cinema industry have to be there under which they should work.
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    I also completely agree with the author, India has been a country whose culture is still appreciated in other countries, but still, its residents are not giving respect to this culture, which is a matter of great sadness. There is no harm in adopting modernity or fashion, but it should not be encouraged so much that those who used to take culture as their pride, feel hesitant about that culture. Nowadays, many bad habits and lifestyles showing on the TV are said to be so common as if they are part of our culture, while all those things should not be appropriate in any culture, such as intoxication being taken by youth in pubs, alcohol consumption, smoking, etc have a very bad effect on the mentality of children, it should be banned on all advertisements, movies, serials which will be helpful in pushing the upcoming youth in the dark of drugs, and other bed habits. We should love and respect our own culture and should feel proud of it.

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    I found the author is repeating the same topic quite a number of times. When we are so cultured and feel proud of our culture, I fail to understand why people watch such serials at home and blame the kids for copying such actions. Censorship is good and self-censorship is even better. We are very much concerned about the behaviour of the kids but are the parents really behaving properly at every place? Kids copy everything and that is how they learn things during the initial phase. Rather than thinking about censorship for such ads where it is shown drinking coconut water with two straws, the parents must tell their kids how unhealthy practise it is especially keeping in mind the present pandemic situation.

    If you wish to lodge a complaint against any misleading advertisement circulated through various media you can easily do it with a clip/copy of such material in a portal specially created for it. The portal is for Grievances Against Misleading Advertisements (GAMA) and the URL is


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    I do agree with the author that vulgar type of ads are being aired much to the embarassment of the children and elders. I am against too much ads on sanitary napkins and children keep on asking the parents of that ads when ever aired. It is really awkward position for the parents to reason about such ads to the children. And some ads are not believable like the washing power comapared to the whiteness of the milk and so on. Mostly during the dinner time the bathroom and wash room cleaner are shown which disturbs our eating mood with the family. Such ads should be avoided and not shown.
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