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    I wonder if sleeping was like charging the battery!

    Sleep is essential and one needs adequate sleep for health as well as the mind. I don't wish to elaborate more on sleeping and neither this thread is about the importance of sleep. This is related to one aspect of sleep and that is to recharge ourselves. After a good sleep, you feel energised after a tiresome day. Now think of any mobile device and charging its battery. When the battery drains out to a certain level we charge the device for its optimum use. Also, think of the time it takes to fully charge the battery of that device. Suppose if 20% of the battery drains out and you charge it, it will take a little time to reach 100%. If 50% of the battery drains out then it will take much longer and so on. Interestingly, sleep is not like that. Everyone needs a specific hour irrespective of how long you are working. It is not something like if you work less or travel less you will sleep much lesser than those who work a lot or travel a long distance. Just imagine what could have happened if the hour of sleep was dependent on the amount of energy drained out. Then a person sitting all day could have hardly slept because of very little movement. Even there would be some professions where we could have found people working all day and night without sleeping. Think of some of those interesting professions. Isn't the mechanism of sleep unique?
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    Whether we agree or not the sleep for 6 to 8 hours without any disturbance and distractions is a must for any person to be alright and energetic next day because sleep disorders over night would spoil the very system of health to much extent and by the way I also feel that we are charging our body to get ready to accept the challenges for the next day. Some times our mind would be fresh to make new moves and works the next day but the body would not allow to get up in time and thus the laziness takes front seat which spoils the entire time frame of planning for the day. Moreover the battery charging what we are discussing also depends on the last night dinner we have taken as the heavy food taken during the dinner would also tell upon the health and the charging may not be fully done and wanting. So battery of health is in our hand.
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    If the body receives sound sleep, it will have abundant energy to sustain its normal activities in the next morning. In both the situations having more sleep or sleep deprivation would have its adverse effects on the system. Hence there should not be any relaxation in the sleep pattern if we want to have sound health. There are certain parameters to be observed to have sound sleep. One should have light dinner and adequate care is needed to digest the food prior to retirement to bed. The timing between the dinner and going to bed for sleep should be at least two hours so as to enjoy sound sleep. Moreover being overstressed may also affect sleep cycle and this needs to be controlled with some relaxation techniques.

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    Yes, the sleep mechanism is unique and very crucial. I think sleep is a kind of arrangement by nature to heal the system of our mind and body. Whenever we are awake, we are engaged in external activities like in everyday activities and mostly in overthinking, etc. Imagine what would happen if humans never slept?

    When we were kids, many times we used to have some complaints like fever and cold, then elders used to tell us to go to sleep, sleep for a while, everything will be fine.

    Maybe during sleep, nature gets time to bring back the disharmony that we unknowingly create throughout the day because our interference with the body is less during sleep. Sleep or vacation seems to be related. Vacation is very important for us so that we can regain our life balance and heal ourselves. So I guess sleep is like a healing and balancing process. Rest in restless life.

    I think the comparison of sleeping with a battery is excellent. I guess the short rest we take during work is 20% (80% awake and 20% sleep element) ,10%, and 5% of 100% sleep. Because while resting we don't have to interfere in anything but in state of doing nothing, after some time we come to the right order by the natural system.


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    It is a natural system that after doing work for a few hours our body gets tired and then it needs rest to get refreshed. When our body's energy is exhausted and our body begins to feel exhaustion we should stop working further. This exhaustion depends on how healthy our body is and what type of labour our body does. It is advised that six hours of rest is essential for the body. If the body is deprived of proper rest it may get affected and the person may fall ill.
    One important thing is that we should take rest at night because night has been made for our retirement. If we sleep during the day our body will not get refreshed fully. Those who work the night shift and sleep during the day their health is affected. It has been observed and experienced that people despite giving full rest to their bodies during day time they are not as energetic as a person who takes rest at night.

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    Nature has provided us many things in our lives and with that we progress ahead in our health and body and keep up well to perform the work we have to do for our survival. Sleep is one of the crucial elements and every 24 hours we have to have it for complete rejuvenation of our bodies after everyday finishing our jobs. From evolutionary point of view the primitive humans could not venture out in dark and remained in their caves or ancient hamlets and that was the time in which they by default went to sleep. So, our sleep is almost synchronised with the day and night since ab initio and we had become habitual of it and now it is a permanent thing with us. It has become a part and parcel of our lives.
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    Every person should understand the importance of sleep because sleep is also an important part of a healthy daily routine. By this thread of the author, I remind a movie that I saw on Netflix, the name of this movie was "Awake" The movie has been told about the importance of sleep and its effect on the body, this movie A strange incident happens in that movie and after that incident, the local residents are not able to sleep and people start craving to sleep, due to lack of sleep they feed up and in which gradually all the parts of the people start dying and people start dying, only one little girl was there who can able to sleep. It was just a movie but the incidents told in it seemed real because something like this happens when you do not sleep. Many times people compare sleep with hours, while it is not so, the quality of sleep is more important than the number of hours.

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    I feel sleeping is to give rest to our body parts so that after getting up from sleep all our parts will work with full strength. But sleep alone may not charge us fully and completely. For a cell phone just charging current will give the required strength to perform. But if we are not taking food properly we can't get charged. If don't eat anything and sleep, by the time you get up you will feel weak and only after having some drink or food only we will get the strength to work. So eating food in addition to a sound sleep may be like charging the cell phones.
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    I don't think that sleeping is to charge our body. According to me, eating breakfast, Lunch, dinner and snacks drinking tea/coffee/drinks charges our body. Sleeping is an activity to give rest to the body, like an engine taking rest after a long drive. During a journey, visiting a hotel/restaurant is like visiting a fuel station for petrol/diesel to run the system.One might sleep for long hours after getting tired, and a few might take a snap after the food or works.

    Sleeping is not charging a body. It is not a wonder.

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    Congratulations on the post that weaves battery charging and sleep. Charging a mobile battery when it reaches 50 percent can help it reach 100 percent faster, but it has been heard that it is not good and will shorten its life. So is sleep. Getting up in the morning and doing a little work or not, and sleeping after lunch in the afternoon is not good for life and longevity. A man is given the habit of sleeping at night to rest from his work. Sleeping is essential not only for battery charging but also for countless other functions and the production of certain hormones. Assuming that 50 percent of the charge is exhausted and started recharging, that is, if we start sleeping in the middle of the day, our metabolism may be disrupted and we may get in a state of sick or become ill. For the reasons given above, do not attempt to charge the mobile battery while it is still 50% charged, as well as do not sleep during the not-so-allotted time.
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