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    Even in various relations friendly way paves way for good understanding

    Be it Husband and wife, the love life of boy and girl, the mother and daughter or the father and son relations, all needs to live in cordial way and there cannot be misgivings. Instead of asserting the positions why not try the best way of being friend and settle all the petty issues and misunderstanding in a most magnanimous way so that the hatred cannot happen at all and good relations and understanding prevails between the two extremes. Even with the best friends we can try to be happy with give and take policy and get going. Any takers ?
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    When two or more people who are living together or spend most of their time together are prone to quarrel or hot talks or even fighting and it happens when they have no patience or the moment when they need to keep patience lose it that leads to quarrel and sometimes, they stop talking each other or get separated if things go beyond their control.
    They need to realise that nobody is perfect and infallible, so if their partner does mistakes that annoy them, they also do some serious mistakes which annoy their partners also. If they start avoiding and overlooking mistakes of each other they will enjoy their lives while living together.

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    A nice suggestion given by the author, every relationship has a different identity and importance, there are some different demands and needs of the person in the relationship, in such a situation, we cannot live every relationship the same, but yes if friendly behavior is adopted in every relationship, then the relationship can be played easily. could. When there is belongingness in any relationship, the expectations also increase with time, but it is not necessary that every expectation is fulfilled and it is natural to have estrangement, to be sad, to be angry, etc., due to these reasons many times distances come in the relationship. And fights start happening. When we adopt friendly behavior in the relationship, then we can easily explain and understand all the things, desires, wants, etc. of our mind.

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    It is said that having a friendly nature is the divine gift to a person. Most of our conflicts and problems are resolved if we have a friendly nature. Long back I attended one interview for a technical post through UPSC and when I entered the room the chairman was smiling and asked me whether I belonged to Gujarat state. I politely told him that I was from UP. He then talked about his guess and then came to my interview by asking other members to ask me questions. His behaviour was so down to the earth that all my fears were vaporised in a few moments and I felt at ease. So, this holds good everywhere that a friendly behaviour is a very great help to everyone whether a friend or relative or even a stranger.
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    Friendly relationship is always desirable since it is just like a tonic strengthening the relationship. The basic urge of the humans being is to seek help and a friendly talk must be there so that life could be pleasant for both of them. Finding faults of each other can impact the relationships and negativity may set in between the two. The partners should take care of each other with their affection and love and only then the life could be enjoyable.

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    That's all right. All relationships lead to a better understanding of each other. But after realizing each other, not all relationships often go well. It depends on the behavior and lifestyle of the individual. But the vast majority of relationships between parents and children continue to be positive. They are immersed in the warmth of love. As well as between brothers. But at least 25 percent of friendships break down over time. When they see each other, they reach a state of silence. This is because, in the beginning, a friendship relationship is built without fully understanding each other. Establishing a loving relationship with someone starts with only an evaluation of their outward behavior. Over time, one's inner thoughts and mental trade-offs are identified. From it, we understand each other. With that, they go a little further, with a thought if that relationship should continue. The relationship is then severed.
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    All relations will be in a good position as long as money is not involved. But problems start only when some financial issues come. That is why in the olden days' people used to say that brothers will be friendly during their before marriage days and sisters will be friendly after their marriage.
    In a family either it is between father and children or mother and children or wife and husband, they will have some affection due to blood relation and living together. So they may adjust with each other and try to live in a friendly way. But when there are financial inequalities among them there will be a rift. In my childhood days, I have seen many families getting separated due to these financial matters only.
    But the present days are different. Financially there is no dependence on each other and every child of a couple are doing will and hence their friendship is continuing. They are in separate places and they will be meeting once in a while only. That is making the relations strong.
    If both the parties involved in the relation maintain a friendly nature and try to accommodate others also the relation will continue I feel.

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