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    Unnecessary consumption and storage without knowing the values

    Everything around us has its value. In our experience, there is a lot to be gained from the thought that there is no value and that many things thrown into any corner are brought back from there, even for necessities. Even more frightening is the fact that some of us come to the idea that we can subvert the system of usage of each and use it only for our own will. Every object in nature has its kind of value, and everyone deserves to use it as necessary. But it is a great mistake to greedily store and use it unnecessarily for oneself and one's descendants. Others should get what they deserve and must continually reach for their hands. They should not be stored by anyone beyond or against the laws of nature. Some keep it all together like this, should others be denied something they deserve? No one should be denied anything due to such storing.
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    Unnecessarily consuming natural resources or wasting them is not correct. Storing them also beyond the need is also correct. We see some people storing some items to create scarcity in the market and then sell for a higher price so that they can make good profits.
    There are some people who want to store more for their coming generations even though some of their contemporaries are suffering. But we don't know what our next generations are going to do with those items. I have seen some people purchasing land or grabbing land in different places. But their next generations may not even know where is their property. They may waste that property by selling and using that money for unnecessary issues. So have what is enough for you and allow others also to enjoy everything at a reasonable price even though you don't offer them free of cost. A good suggestion from the author and I appreciate the author for his fine suggestion.

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    It is always better not to consume things unnecessarily and if we understand the real value of such things then definitely we will think of it for some time before storing it. Whether it is the food we consume or something fancy there is no need to go for it if you do not require it. Out of craze, many people keep on purchasing things and later, they dump them at a corner. Here, understanding the need of a person is quite essential. One must know what she/he needs to lead life and respect the needs of others too. I think by doing this, unnecessary consumption and storage can come down.

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    Some people have a tendency of storing things and whenever there will be continuous rains or some bad news or conflict on the country border, they will start storing fearing that it will not be available in market after a few days. If everyone starts doing that then definitely it will not be available and some needy person will be deprived of that item or commodity. Unnecessary storing or hoarding is in a bad taste. It is simply misuse of the resources. We should have faith in the system and should cooperate with it by avoiding storing the unwanted materials just because we have a fear that they will not be available tomorrow.
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    We have seen people collecting the items for fear of its disappearance within a couple of days since they have the rumours. If everyone of us behave in the similar ways, naturally crisis will observed in the market making inconvenience to others. This will create crisis in the market helping the shopkeepers for black marketing for such commodities for which we have deep interest to buy.
    We have to examine our needs and the consumption should be based upon our requirements so as to have comfortable stocks in the market for others and not providing any chances to traders for hoarding.

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    Some people have the very bad habit of storing and hoarding things for the future as if there is going to be famine and no stock of the same. Even it is against the law to store things which are not required for now but stored for the future. But in the process many waste the resources and money and I have seen people stacking rice bags when the same would be available for less cost in Oct or November. However the same rice gets spoiled with insects all around and cannot even used for further. Thus the money invested on the rice gone waste and even the edible oils are invested and stored for future.
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    I agree that everything has its value- Functional value, Monetary value, Social value, Psychological value, Ethical value, and because of value of what we possess is preserved for a long period. Something which is not used is chucked into junk. Everything lying in the trash, sooner or later, is required in exigencies.
    The author has suggested that we should not go for the cache. If unnecessary things are hoarded in possession, it may create a shortage of these items for needy people. This trend causes black marketing also. I don't say that everybody has this intention- No, certainly not, but it creates unnecessary problems for other people.

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