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    What is your place of peace?

    Sometimes no matter how good families we are a part of, we have many special friends, every necessary facility, But still, there will be such a situation sometimes, when one is looking for peace of mind, and this peace we get from doing some special work, any by going to a special place or spending time with a special person, you can find your peace in a particular way. This peace can be discovered by every person of every age, for this no matter any age, position, status, etc. If I talk about myself, then I get such peace sitting on the bank of a river and if it is not possible then I feel peace by sitting or walking on the terrace of the house. When our mind needs this peace we can not stop ourselves to do those things that help us to get that peace, and at that moment we just want to leave everything and just be with that way of peace. There will be such a special place, work, or person in your life that proves to be helpful in making you feel at peace. Please share your experience.
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    That is true. When we want some peace of our mind, we will tend to do certain actions and they will give us some peace of mind. For example, when I am alone and I feel stressed, I will take out my mobile and talk to my wife. That will give me some peace of mind.
    Generally, when I want some peace of mind I will take out a book from my shelf and start reading that. That will give me some peace of mind. I prefer reading mythological books. The other activity that gives me peace of mind is Japam that chanting inside some words. If I continue that for some time I feel relaxed.
    There is a temple near our house. The priest there is a very good friend of mine. Generally, every Sunday morning I go to the temple and sit there for some time. Sometimes when I feel a little stressed or strained, I will go to that temple and sit for some time. That will also give me some peace of mind.

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    When ever I get the disturbed mind I go for listening to instrumental music and relax listening to it. Otherwise I would visit the nearest temple and spend some quility time with God and tranquil place. Even in temples some people are coming and disturbing us with other matters. So I go to such temple which is not visited by many and yet I get the solace of having got the peace. One thing is sure we all need the break from the hectic phase of work and some may get solace with friends, watching television or even movies. It all depends on individual taste and preference on the matter.
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    The peace of mind lies in the remembrance of God. It is on top and preferred to regain peace in case someone is mentally disturbed.
    If I have any serious problem which has disturbed me and has snatched peace of my mind, then I consult it with my wife and my elders on phone or visit them and apprise them of what problem I am facing. Also, I like to spend my time with highly pious people whom I respect a lot. I listen to lectures of great scholars also.
    I agree with the author that nature gives a soothing effect on the mind. I like nature and natural. beauty very much.

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    The first thing we do when we have no peace in mind is to visit our parents. Talking to them for a while gives us relief from our stress. So if the weight of the mind does not diminish, find time to pray to the God we believe in for a while. In that meditation, the anxieties of our mind will completely subside. To be happy in this way, we need to have strong faith in the invisible power of God. Unfaithful prayer will be left in the vain and only exercise of the lips. Those who live in this world must believe in that invisible power. Because a lot of things that are invisible to us happen around us, and we know that what is happening inside us is not due to our ingenuity. It is called the grace of God by a believer and the atheist as luck. Believers believe that only God knows our minds. So I can assure you that there is no greater medicine or vaccine on this subject than prayer. Then a question may arise again. The question is where to go and pray. Many see the deity of certain temples, the form of certain churches, and the saints as intercessors. If it gives them peace, let them do so. But I believe that God is omnipresent. So my opinion is that wherever we are, praying in our minds there, God hears. So I do not choose a particular place of prayer.
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    Peace is an elusive entity. Attaining it, is more elusive. Still, there are ways to do efforts to have that to some extent in our lives. It is said that to attain peace a conducive atmosphere is required. Some saint like people live in caves in Himalyan areas to connect with nature and God to attain that bliss and get success to some degree that we can see from their glowing faces. But an ordinary person who is entangled badly in the worldly affairs cannot dream a thing like that. Different people have different ways and methods to try to get peace in their lives and in my case I simply derive it by indulging in my various creative hobbies. It is a great way to remain occupied and when one remains occupied, no evil thoughts would enter the mind which are only responsible for disturbing the peace of mind.
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    I have a large family to think about. Whenever I get free, I take out the register in which I have listed out all the members of my family starting from the year 1800, the first generation of my family as per my records. I started gathering the details of my family members from the year 1973. I am from the fifth generation. One can look at my family chart in Tamil and Tamil family chart I have accounted only all the male members and only their direct female members only. The list is large. I start updating it as and when a marriage, death or birth takes place. The list had 360 male members, and now reduced to only 300 members after deleting the deaths and adding the births. It is my time pass activity. I forget all my worries. We all assemble once in a year during the annual pooja of my temple that is conducted during the third week of May every year.

    I get peace when I visit the temples like Tiruchendur, Kanyakumari Bhagavathi temple. At Kanyakumari temple, I sit on the banks and look at Swami Vivekanatha statue and Thiruvalluvar statue and the tri-sea waves from Indian Ocean, Bay of Bengal and Arabian sea conjoining in one place

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    I get peace of mind when I am in my mother's house. There is no where in the world I get peace except for my mother's house. My mind just flushes out all the worries and just becomes happy light. I will sleep peacefully and enjoy the food she prepares. I will not have any worries as long as I stay there. I don't even have to do any work. If I sit in my room everything that I need comes to me.

    I will just simply forget all my worries and only live like as if I don't have any responsibilities or I don't have to do anything. There is no where in this world I get a peaceful life.

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    @ 733687

    After reading your response I have gone through the link provided by you, it was amazing to know about your family history. I am not able to understand the Tamil language but still feel good to see a huge list of members of one single family.

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    I get peace of mind while sitting on the terrace of my house especially when the cool breeze is flowing or in the evening when stars began to shine and slowly the darkness grows and stars shine brighter. I like to observe them for hours listening to music on my phone and it is such a peaceful experience.
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    In this fast moving generation, finding peace of mind is definitely a hassle. For me i find peace of mind, through writing poems. Last year for the whole of lockdown i wrote innumerable poems, depicting what I feel/ sometimes what my friends share, For me writing poems have always been my happy place, also talking about a specific place where i might find peace would definitely be Ganga Ghat. I hail basically from Kolkata, so whenever i feel lonely or sad, I just go to nearby Ganga Ghat and it automatically uplifts my mood.
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