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    Have you ever had a similar experience with your umbrella?

    The relationship between rain and umbrella has always been and will be together, we have been using umbrellas since childhood. When I was in school, I used to go to school many times by walk with my friends, especially during the rainy days because the risk of bicycle slip is more in the rain, so I used to like to go on foot during the rainy days.

    I always kept an umbrella with me and a funny incident often happened when there was strong wind along with heavy rain, often the umbrella would turn completely upside, many times I tried to hold the corners of the umbrella by hand, but even then the strong wind would turn it upwards towards the sky.

    During that time, I and my friends all felt a little embarrassed but also laughed a lot. Those moments were there and I still remember those moments in every rain. Many times I have also seen some people's umbrellas blowing with strong wind, that also finds funny sometimes. I know it is a bit painful for people because, on the one hand, it is rain make them bother and other hand the umbrella fly over it, but whatever it is, these moments become funniest and memorable for entire life.

    Have you also been a part of any such experience with umbrella in your childhood?
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    Such things can happen anytime and I remember one such incident that happened some time ago when it was raining a little bit but the wind was really strong. The cloth that protects us turned upside down in the strong wind and I struggled for some time to get it back to its original position. Another incident I remember was the malfunctioning of the spring that is used for extending the handle portion. While walking, suddenly I found the umbrella came downwards and touched my shoulder. I had to use the other hand to keep the handle in its usual position till I reached the shop to get it repaired.

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    Many of us might have experienced such incidents many times in our lives. My father used to carry an umbrella daily to his office irrespective of the rainy season or summer. In summer also umbrellas are good to keep away from the hot Sun. He used to come at 11 AM from the office, had his food and go back to the office at 1 PM after having a nap for 20 to 30 minutes. He used to use his umbrella while going to the office at 1 PM.
    The umbrellas are reinforced with metallic road inside the umbrella. So when there is rain it can't get closed inside automatically. But when the rain is heavy and exerting a pressure more than the pressure the inside reinforcement is exerting the umbrella will open in the opposite direction. Controlling that is very difficult. We should hold the umbrella tight so that it will not fly away. Oneday I went to our school and was carrying my umbrella also to avoid wetting myself. The wind was so high and my umbrella turned up due to heavy wind. I am not able to stop it. By the time I made it correct, it took a lot of time.

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    The authors's contention that an umbrella is used only to protect us from rain is utterly wrong. Umbrellas are made for safeguarding us from sun heat and rain. during my childhood, I used to carry an umbrellas from my home to school to cover my head from the scorching sun, I have seen many old men and school teachers using umbrellas during the normal days. Apart from protection from heat, it is the style to hold an umbrellas in hand. Moreover, the umbrellas is used as a walking stick for the elders. The present days modern umbrlessas with two folds or three folds won't solve the probems. Further, the clothese used in the umbrellas are not as strong as the old umbrellsas with Lion mark and deer mark. The old umbrellsas with black clothes were permanent umbrlessas that live for many decades, but the present days umbrellas as like 'Use and throw' umbrellas.
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    There is a old saying that those who take too much precaution end with nothing. Likewise some people umbrella as the precaution but the rains wont occur and that would waste carrying and sometimes they forget the same at places and cannot get them back. Umbrellas turning upside down is the common sight in many roads when the wind is accompanied with the rain. But if the umbrella is wide and big. the chances of turning upside down is less. Moreover we have to keep the umprella against the wind and not exposing the inner part to the wind flow. These are the techniquest to deal with umbrellas.
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    The umbrella denotes good relationships. The umbrella provides the experience of holding others together. The umbrella symbolizes that the marginalized are cared for in their shade by someone else. The umbrella also has the mission of protecting some from other adversities.
    I know this is not relevant concerning this post, but it is just an introduction to what the umbrella represents in this life science.

    I have never had the good fortune to cycle to school. It was customary to walk two kilometers to our school. The father had bought large umbrellas with curved handles for our three sons. Ladies' umbrellas for daughters. During the rainy season, there are at least two or three people with us under each umbrella. Going to school in the rain is very festive. I do not remember our umbrella turning upside down in the big wind. But the umbrellas of students and pedestrians walking alone with other normal-sized umbrellas turn upside down in the wind, and they struggle to fix it, and we laugh out loud on those days. But I see it, as we do now. Special thanks to the author for bringing back these old memories.

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    If the wind is blowing heavily it happens with everybody's umbrellas. During rainy season, almost everybody uses umbrellas and we come across such situation that it turns upside due to wind and we try to keep protect us from rain. This is the moment when everybody uses hands quickly to fix it up before it is too late. Onlookers enjoy these moments.
    I use umbrella during summer season also. Now a days it is too hot, so I take it to protect from heat, or sometimes, I use Gamchha instead.
    The author is a girl and she wrote about her school days experience, I think girls prefer to walk in rain instead of taking shelter somewhere like shade of any kiosks or shop.

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