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    Jumping jacks in politics. Can we trust them?

    It is the fact that many leaders from many parties are embracing other party for the green pastures and good political future but after joining the new party they cannot fit into the ideology of the same and then come back to the parent party. The same is happened with TMC leader Mukul Roy who resigned from TMC and joined BJP sometime back has now resigned BJP and rejoined Mamta Banerjee party. Just imagine the fate followers of these kind of leaders who keep on changing parties and loyalties and the lower rank would not have respect in their local place. Any comment ?
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    There is no ideology involved here. He shifted from TMC to BJP with some expectations. Probably, those expectations were not met and hence he decided to go back to TMC. Probably the big bosses of TMC might have offered him something or he may be expecting something.
    These days all the leaders are trying to be in power somehow or other. There is no ideology involved. They want to be in power and they have to get back the money that has been spent during elections with interest. That is the only aim. To get that all the ways and means will be used without any other thinking,
    There is no concept of service to people is not there. All elected representatives will be getting huge money as salaries and perks. But none of them will do the work they have to do. They will be pursuing ways to earn more money and they know they have to make hay while the sun shines.

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    Politics refers to national service. But what we have been seeing for a long time is power politics. We are realizing that party politics is not to serve the citizens of the country for any reason but to serve their own pockets. Current politicians are not responsible to anyone. They are engaged in activities that expand their economic and power sectors. They focus on the activities only to bring bigger pockets. As part of that, when they were at the party, we saw those who preached vociferously against the other party and their policies joining that party one fine morning. Each party needs to stop declaring those who have no policy and are acting solely on their interests as candidates in the leadership and general elections of each party to maintain the identity of each party. After moving to another party, he returns to his old party when he finds that he is not getting the good experiences or the facilities that he intended. I think the survival of the party should keep such people away from the main areas of its work.
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    But the so called jumping leaders are not taking the followers into confidence.
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    Mama di and Mukul Roy were in the Congress party then Mamta di formed a new party- TMC and Mukul Roy also came with Mamtadi. He is one of the founding figures of TMC but when his name was popped up in corruption charges he was suspended from the party for six years.
    In 2017 he joined BJP and played a pivotal role in the 2019 elections for bjp. It is a big loss of bjp because be was the most popular leader in west Bengal for bjp. Shuvendu Adhukari is not as popular as he is.
    I think TMC intends to eliminate bjp from west Bengal. It is a hearsay that more or less 33 MLAs of bjp are in touch with tmc . They are lobbying to increase this number to join tmc.
    It is merely a game of power. We should not think that any political party believes in moral values or ethics. Remaining with power is essential for every politician. A fish can not survive without water. These politicians are like fish.

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    We kept on trusting them for years and vote for them during each election so the question of trust doesn't arise at this point. Switching sides in politics is going on for quite some time and most of the leaders switch sides according to the opportunities provided to them by the new party. Political parties win elections according to their organizational strength in each locality and the leaders play the role to build up the strength. Nobody cares whether a politician is switching sides and stand in the queues to vote for them because you will find many people acting in a hypocritical way. Their words and actions never match. You will find many such people around us. I found many people vote just for the sake of voting. They never think of their responsibility and so trust is not a factor in the case of politicians too. They just need to manage votes anyhow by fooling the people.

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