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    Rearranging things to create space in the room

    In urban cities the space is the main crunch, and even in single bed room the big families are trying to live and they would not arrange the things rightly thereby feeling the shortage of space for house members and if a guest visits in evening hours and want to stay back. that would be more challenging. It is imperative to rearrange things in such a way that the house should not look like a total mess and at the same time there should be extra space to roam about and live. Have you even thought to rearrange your rooms to create more space?
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    I have a very good expereince in this aspect. I, my three sisters, one brother and my aunt used to stay in a single room in Visakhapatnam when I was doing my PhD. I was getting Rs.400/- pm as a scholarship for doing a PhD. All of us has to live with that amount as my father was not in a position to support us financially. We used to sleep on the mats on the ground. Daytime we will be folding these mats and using the same place for other activities. In addition to us, sometimes we will be receiving some guests. The owners of the house are not staying in the same house and they were very cooperative. We used to rearrange the room to create additional space for the guests to sleep.
    All our family members will be going out for studies. My aunt used to cook and go out for her study. Different members of the family used to come and eat at different times and go back. My aunt used to keep a white paper and pen there. We have to mention our name on that paper so that the other people will know how many have to still eat. Based on that they used to consume the food. After seeing this post I recollected all those days. We were there in that room for 2 years and later on moved to a three-room portion.

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    I have seen beds arranged in mezzanine type to create more space.
    K Mohan @ Moga
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    If everything is placed or arranged in order then sufficient space may be had in small area, especially, in cities where having a home or place of shelter is difficult. So in cities all the things in homes should be placed in order to create a comfortable zone for all the members of the family without feeling suffocation or encroachment in their personal zone.
    In small towns and villages homes, generally, are big and all the members have enough space or rooms to stay in. This problem does not arise there.however, it is always preferable to arrange all available items and things in order. Everything being in order or placed in a systematic way gives a beautiful and impressive image of the home-dwellers on the mind of visitor.
    It shows how the women of this family are- their mentality, their living style. It is the mirror or reflection of their whole personality.

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    For the common people, especially those people who live in houses with small rooms, it is considered the only solution, how to arrange things properly in less space. In general, angry people tend to over-stuff the rooms, which is a waste of both space and money. Keep as much salmon as is necessary and important. By the way, nowadays, for more stuff in small rooms, you are already set with this type of furniture. Many times a change also comes by rearranging the room and most of the time this change brings some newness.

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    In one room bedroom, living and drawing spaces need to be created.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    For creating space in small rooms or small houses one has to be creative and disciplined. First of all we should purchase furniture items which serve multipurpose. Today sofa cum beds and folding chairs and tables are available in the market and they are very good options for space saving. Another thing is cupboards should be designed in optimum ways so that they can accommodate small and big items by varying their heights. So one has to go for adjustable cupboards where there is provision of adjusting the heights between the shelfs. Multi storey bunk beds are also good option for space saving. Once the basic furniture is of space saving category then one can have much space left for movement and doing other things comfortably in the same room. I have seen centre tables and other such items easily going below the sofa or deewan in the drawing room and that gives space for doing Yoga or exercises on the floor. There are some partition shelfs which are available in online stores which can be put inside big cupboards to make extra space. In many situations we ignore the vertical spaces in our house which go unitised and that is an area where one can keep many things through fitting of small racks and stands on the walls at heights and that is an ideal way to use the vertical space.
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