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    What is your thinking of living beyond hundred years?

    Of course! living how many years in this world is not in our hands. It is in the hands of God or in the hands of some unknown force. Sometimes in news items we see some persons living beyond 120 years like that and we will be very much astonished. My question here is, if you get such a chance by God's grace , what is the wish of your mind of living beyond hundred years. So many people after reaching 80 years, it is better for them if God takes away their life as early as possible without any difficulties in their life. But certain people they want to live to maximum number of years and enjoy life. In this connection what is your thoughts of living beyond 120 years?
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    Living for hundred years is the far asking in this given situation when the life is so uncertain and not sure because we are not responsible for our life and even others are having their effect on our life. As far as I know after forty years of age the Indian s are confronted with various diseases and that aggravate to major disease or any organ dysfunctions leading to death sooner of later. I have seen that Indians are dying at the age of 60 for sure and those who completed 80 years and above are those who had good food in their young life. The food what we are eating is not pure and telling upon our health for sure. In that case how can we live beyond 100 years.
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    Nobody wants to die and live as many years as possible if God gives them life. But when I think sometimes I feel there is no use living after we lost our energies and live with the support of somebody else.
    Our parents will take care of us during our childhood and see that we will get educated and get into a job. From then onwards we will live on our own and support our family. We will get married and then children. We work hard and take care of other dependents. These are the productive years in our life. We will get respected by many as long as we support them and help them. Once we reach our superannuation age we will retire from the job and our earning potential will come down. We will not have any work to do and we may be liked by our family members or may not be. We will not be having anything to say that we are required. So we should keep ourselves active and see that we are not dependent on somebody. Then definitely we will enjoy living and if the same status continues even above 100 years also is welcome. Otherwise, we will become a burden to others and we may experience hell on the earth.

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    Almost all people who are living on this planet will die before 2121, however, a few may live a bit longer to see the next century. All the members of ISC will also not be able to stay alive for so long. This is the reality of our lives.
    The author has wished to live beyond a century and he has asked us if we also want to live more than a hundred years. I think good health is necessary for long life. If a person becomes a burden on others that all family members begin to wish that the old bed-ridden person should die soon, this type of long life is not welcomed, however, if a person lives hundred years or more than a hundred years he must be able to do his work I stead of being a burden on others.
    But nobody can predict how long each of us will live on this planet.
    Stay blessed!

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