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    In which form you consume Amla fruit?

    Amla or Indian Gooseberry is a popular fruit of our country. This fruit is rich in C vitamin and it has many medicinal values. if we eat the raw fruit and drink water it taste sweet. It is rich in antioxidants, controls blood sugar, anticancerous, protects heart and brain. Amla juice can be consumed daily to relive from many diseases. In many Ayurveda medicines it is one of the most important ingredients and it boosts immunity. I like to eat Amla fruits whenever they are available for me with little salt and chilly powder. Regularly I consume the pickles made with Amla and I like them very much. The paste like pickle made with Amla I like very much and as the years of its preservation becomes more it tastes much.
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    Amla fruit is very famous and used in Ayurveda. There is a medicine called "Chavanaprasya". It is made with Amla fruits only and it is in a paste form. If we eat this daily two times we will have good strength and our immunity levels will improve. It is a very famous general drug. I take this regularly to have better immunity. It will improve heat in our body and digestion will be good.
    In our family, we make Amla pickle and eat in the afternoon for our lunch. A small quantity is mixed with rice and we will eat. Once in a while we mix this fruit with dal and cook. That is also very tasty and eat with our lunch.

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    Amla is very good for health. Consumption of Amla in any form benefits us. It controls diabetes. It is good for eyesight. Regular consumption of Amla keeps vision intact. It improves immunity, it is used in hair oil also etc
    I am not a regular consumer of amla. Sonetimes, I take them. I take murabba of Amla.

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    In Tamil we call it Nellikai and it is regularly used as the pickle when ever the season comes. There are two varieties in this fruit. One is the very small one and that can be eaten fresh, but the bigger one cannot be eaten as it tastes differently and does not suit many. And Amla pickle is very famous in the South Indian homes. Normally every house has three kinds of pickles for sure. Mango, lime and amla. But some people also have the pickle of Red Mirchi which is very hot in taste. Nevertheless the elders at home always keep the raw amla mixed with the salt and that can be had when ever indigestion felt.
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    Amla is great in relieving many disease namely diabetes, constipation. restoration of liver health etc apart from enhancing immunity of our system. It is rich in vitamin C and other valuable constituents such as calcium, copper, chromium, Iron, Magnesium and each of these elements has its effects on nourishing the system. If we could take it in the regular way, we can have its health benefits.The best way to take the same in the form of juice early in the morning in the empty stomach to reap its benefits. Otherwise we may take Amlaki Rasayan made from Amlaki by many Ayurvedic Pharmaceuticals to use the same on regular basis. It even strengthens our heart and brain.

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    Amla is called Nellika in Malayalam. It became very popular through Ayurveda. There are many benefits to the body with Amla. Many of them have been mentioned in previous responses. Regular consumption of Amla is good for the eyes. It also helps the hair to grow black and get rid of unwanted fats and toxins in the body. As it is a storehouse of vitamin C, it boosts the immune system of those who consume it. The amla and jaggery (sharkkara/chakkara in Malayalam) is stored in a jar and the liquid is extracted after 41 days and used daily after supper, it is very good for digestion and whitens the skin. It is very tasty to drink. In Malayalam, it is called Nellikka Asavam. This is a good wine.
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    Amla is one of the common fruit that can be seen in household. Generally, people consume it by making its pickle, curry or as a raw fruit. Even, I used to consume it as a pickle. This fruit is rich in Vitamin C and good for your digestion and toning of skin.
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    All have said good about Amla "Nellikai" in Tamil. It has medicinal value. It can control sugar level. Apart from the normal Amla, there is a small variety called "AriNell'i which is a tasty fruit.
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    I take gooseberry in three ways, the first one is my favorite and that is Amla pickle, which can be eaten in any season, it increases the taste of food as well as contributes to increasing immunity of the body. . The second option is for me, Amla Murabba(Jam), this is also a very well preserved item which is also beneficial, it should be consumed in the morning before breakfast. And as the last option, Amla juice, which is readymade, that's why I don't like it much but sometimes, it can be taken as a medicine. Ayurvedic powder, Triphala is also considered a good source of amla.

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