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    A wise enemy may make you wiser

    We all know this Persian proverb. A wise enemy is always better than a foolish friend. I feel that this old proverb holds good even these days.

    If we have a wise enemy, we will become wise ourselves. We will be on our toes and help ourselves to develop. We always will try to be ahead of our enemy. That will make us wiser and we will be more successful in our lives. we will be at the top always. A wise enemy may teach you more than what we would have thought.

    A foolish friend may not be helpful to us and we may have some problems also. By seeing such friend we think we are really great and never try to improve ourselves and that is never good for our progress.

    So try to have a wiser enemy always rather than a foolish friend. What are the views of ISC members on this?
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    The author's finding is quite correct. If the enemy is stronger than we are, we should store up more power than him and after that face him or stop him. The same is true of intelligence. If our opponent is smarter than we are, we must use his intellect more than he can to thwart his clever tactics and maneuvers against us. Our need is not only to stop him but also to get ahead of him. That is why when it comes to a court case, we hire a lawyer who has more practice, name, and prestige than the lawyer hired by the other party. This formula is applicable everywhere. At the same time, if we confront an intelligent person with our existing knowledge or confront a powerful person with our normal strength, we do not have to wait until it is over to see what the consequences will be. We would have lost.
    The opposite happens when we have a stupid friend. When we try to do something with our intellect, such friends come in there with their silly opinions and try to put their ideas into practice. At times, we may even fall into it. Because such people come in when they are thinking about what to do.
    So it is wise to avoid such friends. Otherwise, we should not tell our problems to such people.

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    A wise enemy is better than a foolish friend. This proverb may be applicable to some specific situations. If you are wise somebody else must be wiser than you and if you are foolish then somebody else must be somewhere who is more foolish than you. Who is wise and who is foolish? What are criteria to scale their social status - wise or foolish?
    An enemy is an enemy. He will harm you when he gets an opportunity to harm you. If he is wise you can't befool him. You may hope to have kindness from a stupid enemy but you can not expect it from wise enemy.
    Your wise enemy will destroy you by carrying out well-chalked out planning. On other side a true friend is hard to come by. A true friend is a friend who always stands by you in your need. Whenever you are in deep trouble, your wise enemy will use this time to destroy you and your team but a foolish friend will come to protect and save you from all dangerous.

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    If you want to have any constructive experience, it would be better for you to have a wise enemy around you. At least, you would be familiar with the different tricks to be employed in the different cases to defeat the other party. This would be rather a practice exposure for you to know the different tips that can be implemented in case you want to thwart the attempts of the opposition but in case, you are close to your foolish friend, he may harm you because of his ignorance but being a man of pure heart, he might protect you in the hours of distress.

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    We should always consider our competitor as the wise enemy and through his moves , we get the leads to develop ourselves and that would be closely watched and followed by the competitor. In some companies there are insiders who keep on giving the competitor moves and activities to the companies so that they also can brace up for the stiff competition in future. It is the fact that the enemy would try to defame the product and try to give huge discount so that the others would also follow. But here comes the intelligent way of dealing. instead of giving discounts the quality must be improved to win back the old customers. One thing is sure, we cannot think others are fools and may be more wiser than us. Some wiser enemies also ready to sustain loss against the competition and that is the new way of fooling others.
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    An enemy will always remain an enemy unless both of you start considering each one as friends. How somebody makes us wiser is quite interesting in this case. A person duping you with various tricks will make you aware of those tricks and if you learn something out of it you may apply those tricks somewhere else. That will make you wiser. Now a foolish friend will be of little use and can lead you to trouble in some cases. I wonder why after all these things we would still call the wise person our enemy and the fool our friend since the former made us smarter and the latter let us in trouble. The proverb is no doubt quite interesting and it would be even more interesting if there is some change in our minds. When a fool can become smarter why not an enemy become our friend?

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    A very good thing has been given by the author when we are in front of our enemy, then a unique harmony of both the feelings of fear and the longing for victory arises simultaneously in our mind and suppressing this fear, we keep our whole thoughts in our mind. turn in the direction of victory. When the enemy is stronger and stronger than us, we also use more power than our normal strength. In the same way, when our enemy is more intelligent, then we have an idea that he can keep thinking and preparing for a long time and on the basis of that we try to expand our thinking more than our normal thinking.

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    The author just pointed out the right thing. Just as it is said, that we learn from our mistakes, same as that, a wiser enemy will definitely make us wiser. Because, not only will he teach us new things, but at the same time would also point out were we lagged, maybe just to make a mockery out of it. Having a foolish enemy might make you cool, but that enemy would never let you learn new things, as he himself is lagging far behind.
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    It is absolutely right that we will be on our toes when we are dealing with a wise enemy. But that situation is definitely better in many respects because if enemy is simple and easy to be defeated then we do not improve. We only bother to improve when enemy gives us tough time. Even in competition where of course there might not be any enmity, we have to excel and compete to win over other people and for that it is imperative that we will have to work very hard and be on a continuous vigil and alert. A wise enemy will not give us time to sleep and we will have to do our homework very nicely if we want to defeat that particular enemy and emerge as a winner in his world.
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