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    Feelings of insecurity.

    Yesterday I was wandering in my lawn, when I saw a bird sipping water from the pot kept outside for birds. It was so much tensed and looking here and there rather than concentrating on water. This does not happen once, it can be observed anywhere by you also. Most of the animals and birds generally became tensed when they saw any human and ran away. Even a low pitched sound can cause a bird to fly and find a secure place. From very past human is misusing his might and teasing other creatures but now in this word "other creatures" human is also taking part. Means for a human now other human is becoming enemy and we also have to be watchful like that bird which was in my lawn. For one's own advantage anyone can do anything to others. No one knows what's the step of others in our surroundings. Mostly people are highly tempered, and in temper they can even kill others, everyday newspapers are filled with such tragic news, so every second we have to be keen watchful, "belief" word is deteriorating and feelings of insecurity is rising. Sometimes zeal to be mightiest became cause of all destructions and our history verifies this fact.
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    By reading this post my thoughts went to we fearing the snake as soon as it is sighted and on the other hand the snakes also fear from the human being as they would be killed. There is a insecurity feeling in human and animals as the God created one boss for the other so that the population get at minimum and the liquidation or the elimination of excess population takes place. For human being the greatest enemy is the disease and many die of various diseases and for the animals and other creatures they have to fear from the superior ones and thus there is constant threat for their life even though we think nothing as such. The other day a small chick was just away from the mother care and suddenly a eagle came from the sky and picked up the chick much to astonishing of human being present there and the way the mother was reacting was pathetic.
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    This feeling of insecurity exists everywhere. We have seen videos and read news that people are afraid of other people. They don't know where they can be thrashed or lynched by unruly mob. If an eagle preys a Sparrow it is understood because it is natural for an eagle to hunt other birds. The author has written about his observation that birds are afraid of human beings, I don't think so that a bird will feel itself insecure in the presence of a human provided that he feeds these birds. Animlas are scared of a man if they feel his intention to catch them, else they will not feel any fear.
    We feed these birds and animals and they come closer to us instead of staying away. We need to develop a relationship with animals and we have to make them feel at home in our company. These stray dogs who lie on streets, give them something to eat and see how they become loyal to you. Some time ago I was out of town and stayed for a month or so. When I returned those little puppies lying in streets have grown up then, seeing us they began to bark at us but when they came closer they recognise us and they clinged to our legs to show their love and loyalty.

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    The way the author has connected the experience of a bird's mind with human life is quite commendable. It is true that man has always been a great creation of God and nature, but it is also true that like humans, God has also created other beings and has given them the right to live life freely. When it flies in one, it feels free and fearless, but when the same bird comes to the earth with hope, it gets scared and panicked. After all, why man is becoming so selfish and evil in nature that he is not bothered by anyone's misery except himself. When we live our life we want to live it without any fear and feel like we get everything whatever we want, we never like that anyone will interrupt in our matter or being an obstacle on our ways that why the same man forgets about these feelings while its about others, one should not be too mean that he/she forgets humanity.

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    There are many reasons and sources of insecurity in our lives. We all are concerned for ourselves and if someone attacks us for snatching money from us or just to wound us due to some grudge then we would be fearful of that condition and would be watchful when we are alone or go out in the isolated areas. Even a bodily harm is a costly proposition and we have to avoid any ambush on ourselves. Then, there are some other fears like someone hacking our bank account and taking money from that and we have to run to the bank and make so many requests to find out the culprit and reverse our money to our accounts. For students getting a job and establishing a career is the greatest matter of insecurity as the unemployment condition is getting more severe day by day. So, all kinds of insecurities are there and we have to move ahead in that environment. It is difficult but there is no other way.
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