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    The words duty and responsibility have a little difference in their meanings

    Though we often use the terms duty and responsibility interchangeably they are not the same and have a little difference in meaning. If you look for the meaning of the word responsibility in Google, you will find duty is given as its similar word. Now if we think of any kind of duty it will be found that duty has an obligation. One is bound morally to do something. It's a kind of feeling that you need to do it. If the duty hour in an office is 9 AM to 6 PM the employees are bound to attend office by 9 AM and depending upon the responsibility of the employee, the duty hours can continue beyond the scheduled 6 PM. Responsibility indicates how accountable you are for the particular task that is assigned to you. Responsibility also means completing the job successfully. While somebody can assign you a duty, it is your complete responsibility to finish the task within the stipulated time in the right way. Duty can be assigned to somebody but responsibility has to be taken by the person. Members, do you also feel the same? If so, you may elaborate on more such differences.
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    Duty is something imposed on someone. The individual has to perform something his duty. Duty is something one has to do as per law, conventions, rules and norms. Responsibility is something assumed or accepted by a person, as a part of his job role or position.
    As an employee, every person will have some duties to perform. But doing his work and making it a success is the responsibility. As a part of your duty, you may do something but the result may not be as expected and you may leave it there. But responsibility is making the undertaken job successful.
    Generally, employees who perform their duties as responsibilities and work for the progress of the organisation will have a successful career.
    Taking care of old parents is not a responsibility but it is like a duty only. But taking care of siblings also is the responsibility undertaken by an individual.

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    Some where in this forum I had insisted that if the responsibilities are given it must be accompanied with the rights others wise the duty cannot be done with total dedication. In some companies the seniors would not reveal the rights they have been bestowed and thus the down the line staff are made to wait and seek their advise on some issues and matters. On the other hand the management wants every employee to learn more and become all rounder so that the work should not suffer for want of one person being absent. So the duties cannot be perfect if the rights are not made available.
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    Generally, duty is given to a person while responsibilities are to be owned by the individual. Both are interconnected to a great extent. One has to feel responsible in order to discharge ones duties. Responsibility is a very important aspect for carrying out anything that one feels as ones duty. This world is in a good condition because of the responsible persons only who take everything seriously and take the responsibility on their heads if something goes wrong. Unfortunately, many people shirk of from their responsibilities and shy away from their duties. That is a very bad aspect of the matter but the individual as well as society suffers from these type of functionaries who do not take things responsibly. A good society or an advanced nation can be identified by counting the number of responsible persons in it.
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    Duty is a moral commitment to something or any person. It is also time-bound. It can often have a written provision and almost a reward. It signifies active emotion. Too often, many do not perform their duties with full interest. Some are different from that?. They take on certain duties themselves and dedicate themselves, and they will be engaged in doing it with maximum care. A good citizen has to obey the rules and regulations. We know what will happen if one fails in such a case without anyone telling us. The word 'duty' is a migrated word from the old French word 'due', which means 'indebtedness'.

    But responsibility is one's responsibility to society, and to some extent, it is an obligation. The responsibility for a person rests entirely with him. Part of the responsibility is to bring up children in a good-value-based manner, to provide good quality education, and to fulfill several essential needs. The word 'responsibility' comes from the Latin word 'responsus' and it means 'to respond'.

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    Duty refers to an obligation to perform a certain task/work by following prescribed rules or guidelines, is liable for punishment or penalty provided that one fails to perform. his/her duty.

    Responsibility refers to a state of taking some authority or obligation to do a task/work. It makes a person answerable or accountable for the completion of the task or work.

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    Duty is generally used as the work to be performed during a job and one has to perform the duty seriously. But when it comes to responsibility then it is a wider term and encompasses more elements to be taken care. A family head feels responsible for the whole of the family and takes care of everyone. A country head is responsible for the whole of the country as he has to come up and prove in the international scenario.
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