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    Is neer dosa a Kerala or Karnataka recipe?

    Some years ago, when I was in Mangalore, I happened to eat neer dosa at an HR conference, during breakfast. It was just too good, and there were two varieties of chutney as well. I still remember some new dishes from Kerala, but not their names.

    A very interesting question came up for discussion during a telephonic conversation. I had thought that neer dosa is a Karnataka delicacy. But my Kerala friends swear that it originated from Kannur, which is in Kerala. Can someone please clarify with details?
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    As far as my knowledge goes Neer dosa is from Karnataka. It is from the Tulu Nadu region and a part of Udupi - Mangalorean cuisine. Neer is nothing but water. The word neer is from Tulu Language. In Telugu, it is called Neeru. The consistency is watery and not thick like the usual dosa. It is very thin and fluffy in nature, It is made with ground rice. They are very soft. This food item is gluten-free and vegan. Rice is soaked in water and kept overnight. Then the rice is ground and made into a thin watery paste. That is used to make dosas. In our house we make it and we add onion pieces to improve the taste.
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    Neer Dosa is of Karnataka origin.
    Till this day I have not sen this in any hotels or eateries in Kerala. I had first tasted in an Udupi hotel in Mumbai. I liked it at the first occasion and would ask for it if available whenever I visit a good Udupi hotel in Mumbai/Karnataka.
    We had tried it at home, but could not be so successful. In my frequenting hotel in Mumbai they give jaggery added chutney like dish along with it .That makes it more tasty to me. The addition o coconut scrapings or small thin pieces also make it special tasty.Once-in-a-while my Mangalorean colleague used to bring it to office and share with us. It was from him that I knew the recipe formula.

    As the batter is so watery thin, it needs a good Dosa Tawa and heated consistently and needs some experience to spread it.

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    I tasted too many varieties of Dosas, but never heard abour neer dosa though I stayed in Bengaluru for many years. It was my habit to taste each and every item that is displayeed on the menu board. Unfortunately, I did not find Neer dosa in those lists displayed in the restaurants I visited. During my next visit to Karnataka, I would search for it. Anyway, in Tamilnadu, Neer dosa is an unknown item.
    Any dosa in the world is made of rice and urd dal only. The thickness differs. That's all. Also the add on's like Chutney, Sambhar etc makes the difference to the taste of the dosa.

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