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    The position in which the ordained and personality

    Some adorn the seated places and some adorn themselves by the majesty of the seats. The second category is more. Rarely do some people have the personality to adorn the positions they hold. The majesty of the chairs in which they sit will be noticed by people. Positions that are marked by the superiority of individuals will have stories to share of enthusiasm and efficiency. Those who are honored by the brilliance of the positions tell boastful and fables. Leaders need to be able to become who they lead. If the poor and the weak cannot be absorbed, it is polite not to take their lead.
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    Some people bring value to the position they are holding. Some people get honour because of the position they occupy. A lawyer will be appreciated if he wins the cases with his skill and he will be called a good lawyer. With his skills, he made his profession great. A judge will be honoured because of the position he is holding but not for his skills. The treatment given by him should be honoured. The political leaders should bring their name to the position they are holding. But how many are like that.
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    Some times people are destined with the position to which they are not destined nor fit but the luck factor would bring them the fortune. Some people are more intelligent, and truly deserves the right position but they are discarded and not given chance by the society and the system. A soft ware engineer cannot adjust and get the job in other positions because he is not suited. Likewise a non practising lawyer cannot fit into the court visits as he has no personal experience of how to fight the case and how to argue. Likewise the doctors who are not practicing cannot see the patients and prescribe the medicines.
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    Yes, we are not honouring the people sitting in the chair but they are to get respect for the designations they they are enjoying. We are afraid of judges because of their powers to punish us and so is the case with the police. Apart from holding their posts, they might have different qualities but such hidden qualities are not known to the public. In Bihar, there was police officer offering tuitions in Super 30 in Physics after his retirement to benefit the aspirants preparing for IIT entrance. He was not getting respect being a police officer but because of his knowledge in Physics.

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    The truth is, there are very few people who are able to give a new identity to the glory of a position due to their personality. Most of the people are identified only by their position and they start feeling arrogant about that position. There was a time when the people established in all these positions used to increase the importance of these positions even more. Not everyone who sits on the seat can be a true devotee, it depends on faith and devotion, in the same way, one does not become great just by getting a particular position, but the deeds and duties performed by him determine this.

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    It is said that only a few people deserve their positions. Probably it is more true for higher positions. Many of us give more credence to the position than that of the person. This may appear a bit confusing but is true in its entirety. There are some people who not only justify their high positions but make a benchmark for others for the future and in such cases people always compare the newcomer with that particular predecessor. So what matters is the traits and value of the person and not his position where many of them reach by default also. It is imperative that people should function efficiently and actively to become totally deserving for their positions and then only the public will give them respect.
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