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    The Legend of Good women.

    Women are always portrayed differently by different people based on their experiences. Few portray women to be selfish, jealousy and cunning. Few portray women to be sensitive, emotional, and a symbol of love and affection.

    Whatever the qualities a woman possesses, she is always great and has to be respected. If they are selfish, they are saving something for their loved ones. If they are jealousy, that shows their possessiveness and love. All these qualities are possessed by women forcefully because of their situation of the surroundings and they are not to be blamed.

    They may be sensitive but they are strong. There is no life without women on this Earth. All women are great and deserve love and affection. They sacrifice their entire life for their family. Women always think of the people around them. She loses herself in the journey of life while taking care of her loved ones.

    All women are great! Do you all agree with me?
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    There is no second thought in this opinion that that the women are great and always stood by the legacy of their respective family and took forward the children to greater heights. For the parents the small child goes up to a more matured girl and then a wife to the husband who is not known before. Here starts her real saga. She has to address the needs of mother and father and also the needs of husband and his parents. Meanwhile she gets into motherhood and more challenges starts with the arrival of child. She alone takes the responsibility of nurturing the children as the good future citizen of India and thus a women becomes more powerful and praised if the children are performers and more intelligent and the mother is praised and greeted by everyone on seeing the good nurturing of the children as the great achievers.
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    A woman in the family is like a Goddess only. Many Hindu Puranas say that the housewife will only make the house glow with a lot of light. There is a saying in Telugu which says that by seeing the house you can easily understand the nature of the lady in the house. Even in Gods also the Durga is treated as the powerful Goddess and she can only guide Brahma, Vishnu and Maheswara.
    We all believe that wealth will remain in places where we respect lady. Generally, women will have more patience than men. They will see that their children will farewell in their pursuits and get into good positions in their lives. She plans the whole work in the house in such a way that all will have a reasonably peaceful life. She will be ready to take all types of pains for the well being of other family members.
    Really we should accept that ladies are better in all aspects than their counterparts.

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    The woman is jealous of other women or a woman is an enemy of other women or at least, a woman is a rival of another woman. This is due to the mindset of a woman. A mother is the greatest person on this earth. She sacrifices her happiness for the sake of her children but her greatness is limited to her children. The same great woman may be turned hostile to a neighbouring family. She has a double standard of affection- she has affection and love for her daughter but she loses this heat of affection for her daughter-in-law. After all, she is the wife of her son. Why she does not treat her as her daughter? She differentiates between them. A woman is biased against another woman. It's a universal fact. A woman as a wife is great but the same wife may kill her husband. How a great woman can be so cruel? A man who belonged to a royal family in an adjacent district was killed by his driver, later, when police investigated the case, disclosed the matter that the wife of the deceased also belonged to. another royal family had affair with her driver and both of them killed the man.

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    I agree with the author not because I am a woman but because in this world the women are depicted in a different manner than they actually are. Since ancient times men had described the women and how can we expect from them that they will describe it honestly. Men are men and it is said that it is a men's world and whatever they say is taken granted by the society at large. All the concepts bad or good about women are devised by men.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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