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    Try to spend time with the family

    Now a days though the people are available at the home they are either engrossed in their work or having chat with their friends and not giving time to the family members. Even the children feeling vexed as they are not taken outing nor somebody giving time to play with them. In this regard it is imperative that we should stop thinking about outside happenings and be concerned with the inside happenings of the home. The time may be little over some minutes but that would play a long way to ensure good bonding with everyone.
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    The author is completely right. Family is an integral part of us and we cannot even imagine our life apart from family. There should never be any shortage of time for family. Rather, our one day will be considered incomplete until we do not spend some time with our loved ones. It is true that in today's world of technology, especially because of a weapon like mobile, people keep expressing themselves on their mobile while living together in a room like strangers, but this is wrong. In this matter, we do not even blame any particular section because at present in many families, children and youth along with the elders of that family are also found busy in mobile. Mobile is an essential device but use this device only to its extent and never give the space of your loved ones and family to any technology.

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    During the lockdown, the statement that the people at home, except for IT workers, sit at home and chat with friends without even giving the kids time at home is just a fantasy. Therefore, for IT workers as well as those who work at home, it may not always be possible. I understand that they also give everyone at the home much-needed time (more time than when they go to the office for work). But since man is a social being, he has many friends and maybe connected with, socio-political and cultural activities. So they may be chatting with people in that category over the phone or on social media like WhatsApp, etc. Alternatively, all organizations may switch the meetings on the Zoom application platform or the Google Meet platform. They may attend the meeting also. None of these activities means that he does not care for his beloved children, his wife, his parents, or his siblings, and does not spend time with them. These things do not have a speck of truth in them. If any people who have no attachment to their family and their children are behaving like that, such people are not going to change it.
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    The author is completely right. We in the intend of finding happiness in materialistic things tend to forget that the real happiness lies inside our homes, that is none other than our family.. This lockdown and Corona made everyone realize the worth of life and family, during the initial days of lockdown people happily stayed indoors posting great pictures with family, with caption, that corona made me close to my family and stuff like that. But lately I saw people taking that same family for granted. As the author said, we should definitely try and spend time with our family, not only because they are our source of happiness, but also because, there are thousands of people, still away from their family, and many do not even own a family. Value them.
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    In my house, the situation is entirely different. After working hours or during weekends all the gents are also participating in domestic works. They are taking care of their children during these times. We all will be sitting together in the nights and discussing various matters for 2 hours minimum. Sometimes we even play cards. Thus we are giving more time to the family I feel. Because of the present situation, we are not able to go out and we are having a lot of leisure time. Hence we are all participating in family affairs for more time.
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    During the lockdown, there was no such problem as the author has suggested spending time with family because everybody was inside doors and nobody was going to the office or shop or the place of his work, so everybody has spent his time with his family more than expected or required, that now he begins to feel boring spending time inside the home. If this mobile is taken from people's hands their lives will become hell.
    Now people have started going to their job as lockdown is getting unlocked, people are free to go from Monday to Friday. On Saturday and Sunday, they have to stay inside their homes.

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    Family ties can be established with our regular interactions of our family members and it is not that we have not seen the same in the past. There exited a cordial relationship among the family members with frequent deliberations. Unfortunately, we have lost that culture especially in the lockdown time, the head of the family remains engaged in serving his company with either a laptop or a computer from morning to night. The children are not able to connect his father due to his preoccupation. The children are having their outlets with the mobiles mostly talking with their friends or remain busy in the online classes. The mother, too, is busy with her domestic chores not disturbing either her husband or their kids. The absence of the personal talks between the family members has affected the relationships of the members even. Hence to have the healthy relationship of the family, talk between the members is as important as anything.

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    There is nothing more pleasant than having a game of Ludo or Snakes and Ladders or Carrom or any other like that with the family members and have fun within the four walls. In some families there is a tradition of playing cards with the family members enjoying the game of rummy or likewise. It is generally seen that there is very friendly atmosphere in such families and the biggest gain of doing such activities is that the children are more and less confined to the home environment and do not go out for enjoyment and even if they go they go for a short time and that helps to great extent in avoiding bad company outside. So playing games or having time with family members is a very beneficial thing for whole of the family.
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