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    Are you familiar with 'Bangalore Brinjal or 'Chow Chow?

    Rarely at some time of the season we get 'Bangalore Brinjal' in our vegetable market. It is long green solid vegetable. But it is not a common vegetable in our place. We used to make a curry with it by mixing with moong daal. Why this vegetable got Bangalore in its name? It is also known as Chow Chow vegetable. What is the speciality of this vegetable? What are the other names of this vegetable? What different dishes can be made from it? Have you ever used this vegetable? Please share your experience with this vegetable.
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    I am from a village in Tamilnadu. We have our own farm land where we cultivate Brinjal, Lady finger, Green chilly, Tomato, groundnuts, Plantain etc. But we don't cultivate English vegetables like Carrot, Beet root, Long Beans etc.
    All the vegetables grown by us are very tasty. While in Bengalore, I tasted the Brinjal and Chow-chow, but they are not of my taste. But my good lady makes them tasty by adding required spices and other ingredients.

    When I go to market, I don't recognize the vegetables whether they are from Bengaluru or Tamilnadu or Andhra. Of course, Kerala don't produce any much vegetables except Topiacco.

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    Yes. I tasted it many times Bangalore Brinjal. We used to get them in Visakhapatnam when I was staying there. This particular vegetable is grown more in Bangalore and the climatic conditions there will help this plant to grow there. But the taste of the item is completely different from the Brinjal that we get in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. In our house, Bangalore Brinjal curry is being made by mixing onion paste and the taste of onion will be dominating the taste of this item.
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    I am familiar with the vegetable variety called chow chow or Balgalore brinjal and what I found that it is thick in layer and if the skin is peeled it looks sticky and very smooth inside and that makes cooking easy and quick to taste good with moong dal. I always make a point to purchase this vegetable during the season and the peeled off skin can be made as the Chutney and that tastes good. When I was in Bangalore for some days I used to stay at Shivaji nagar area and there the hotel used to serve the Chow chow bath every morning as the breakfast and it contains Upma and a sweet dish made out of this vegetable. The cost of this vegetable would less even compared to other varieties available in the market and we should choose the greenish variety and not the hard one with more raw skin.
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    Yes, in some placed it is called 'merakkai'. It is a good watery vegetable. We prepare sambar with this. We can prepare curry by mixing coconut slightly grinded with green chilli's. Palya,kootu can be prepared by adding moong dhal. So tasty as well some what cheaper than other vegetables.

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    Chow Chow is a vegetable that is available here. Here it is also called "Cheevikka". This is a relatively inexpensive vegetable. We usually use it to make pickles. Like mango pickle and lemon pickle. ??If it is cut into small pieces and put in a bottle with salt and a little water, it can be used with rice. It will not dissolve even if it is for two-three weeks. It's good. It is rich in amino acids and vitamin C. It has been heard that tea with the leaves of ??this plant is effective for kidney stones. The kidney stone is known to dissolve.
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