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    Are old fashions coming back in various forms

    Sometime in January 2021, I attended a wedding. Corona virus daily infection figures were down. None wore masks in public.

    It was a huge marriage hall. To my surprise, I saw all the old fashions and the men and women seem to be making statements on that. While the more dashing of them were happily wearing the most fashionable sleeveless blouses, the all-time favourite of the "puff sleeves" complete with Kanchipuram sarees and arms full of glass bangles, that resemblws the good old 1970s, were there for all to see.

    And the men sported the side locks of the 1990s. At least ten men (all not more than 40) wore ear-rings in both ears. This used to be the norm of most Tamil Brahmins in the semi-urban areas in the 1960s. There were the US settled guys who were so happy wearing the traditional dhothi, but the side locks resembled the guys of the 1980s.

    Are we really seeing a revival of old fashions? Are we going back to some traditions? Is soirituality back in some way, as those men who were ear-rings in both ears seemed to be deeply religious as well.

    Ditto for another wedding conducted recently with just around 60 people. The link shows a good repeat of whatever I had seen in Chennai. The question is: are we, now tired of the rat race going back to tradition in one way or the other? Or is it just an one-off event that sometimes happens just like that?
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    Yes. I have also seen some old fashions coming back. It is seen more in gents than ladies. Wearing earrings, Wearing Dhoti. Having Kumkum on the forehead. These are some of the old fashions coming back to our youth. They are showing some interest in our culture and procedures.
    One of my cousins stays in the USA. He will not stop doing Snadhyavandanam at least two times a day. He is a devotee to Goddess Durga and daily perform Pooja and then only attend office. For the last eight months, he is India only as his father is not well. We are seeing such trends in the youth these days.

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    It is said that fashions repeat themselves with time to time with slight modifications and innovations here and there. There are many instances when something of old vintage suddenly emerges in the high society and then percolates downwards to the masses. Generally these fashion signatures start from some celebrities and then people copy them. Interesting thing about fashion is, contrary to the general belief, that it is some old wine in new bottle. People think that it is a new fashion but actually it something what was obsolete and obscure at some point in the history. The business houses which mint money on the name of fashion know these things in details and all the advertisements and show business is based on these premises only.
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    Fashion comes and goes. Every day new fashion begins to trend in the market and any trend may go up on the chart. Fashion is nothing but a creation of fashion designers. What he/she imagines in his/her mind and how he/she sketches on sheets and how he/she brings it into existence this whole process is routine work for him/her. Those who are aware of fashion or have a close watch on new trends know how new trends come up in the market but only a few impress fashion lovers. When celebrities adopt any new trend in fashion it is popularised effortlessly and the masses begin to follow this new fashion.
    Every day we watch new trends in media especially those that show new fashion trends e.g. Fashion TV. In every show, the audience may watch the latest trends highlighted on the ramp by models. Some of them appear awkward to me but it is not surprising if others intend to adopt them. I like old fashion which is more comfortable for me.

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