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    Will petrol prices hit even Rs120 per litre?

    No. Am not blaming anyone. The reality is that a litre of petrol is now Rs100/-. Some funny theories are floating around. That the intention is to discourage the use of petrol cars and force people to switch to electric cars!!

    Well, there are economists trying to reason our what impact the petrol price will have on the prices of every other commodity in India. But there are quite a number of people who even think that the price of petrol might even touch Rs120/ per litre.

    What is your take on this line of reasoning? Will it happen and if it does, what kind of cost cutting can senior citizens do?
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    Yes, it is possible in India. In many countries of the world the cost is much lesser than in India at present. As the collection of other taxes was impossible at present due to Covid, government allowed to collect money more and more from this resource. People who support BJP always say some lame excuses for the escalation of prices. Already the cost of electricity is rapidly going up and with promotion of electric vehicles, corporate power companies plunder public later.

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    In view of the prevailing circumstances, it is quite natural to increase inflation and such an increase in the price of petrol will not come as a surprise. Similarly, the price of petrol is often seen increasing in the country. As unemployment is increasing and the means of income of the people have decreased, in such a situation, the price of petrol comes in the form of a big worrying matter.

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    When there is no demand automatically the prices will come down. But fuel has become very important. People stopped using bicycles even for short distances also. They will go on bikes only. They got addicted. So the demand will not come down even it touches Rs.150/- per litre.
    No doubt the taxes on fuel are very high. Both the central government and state governments are increasing taxes on this commodity. So the taxes are more than the cost of the material. Unless otherwise, we stop using these vehicles and reduce the consumption no government will think of reducing the prices.

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    Mr.Rao, how petrol can't have any demand and the demand will be the same or it may be increased according to the increased need of people. Both central and state governments are the reason for increase in petrol price escalation and it is not because of its demand.

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    The author is much worried about the fuel price hike and the senior citizen. Senior citizen should avoid travelling alone in a bike or scooter and driving a car. Being a senior citizen, they should leave to their children or relatives to convey them from one place to other.

    In any case, fuel price won't shoot to Rs. 120/- in the near future. It would take some years. May be after 2024 if there is a change in government.

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    Mr Rama Krishna, What I am telling is when a commodity is very costly, one should see how to minimise the use. There will be many ways and means to reduce consumption. Not using vehicles for short distances, pooling the vehicles instead of having individual vehicles, using the electric vehicle are some which will come to mind. One can purchase a bicycle to use for shorter distances.
    Even though we are thinking of cost escalation, is there any reduction in the usage. No. That means people are not bothering by the cost. No doubt that the taxes are very high on fuel and I mentioned in my earlier response.

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    When the commodity is so essential how they stop using. Suppose if lorry owners they have to transport commodities or goods, without fuel how it is possible? Can he limit this need. Because of steep increase in cost of rice, will we stop eating rice or any other thing?

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    There are some commodities whose price increase creates hue and cry in public and petrol is one of them. We do not know what are the compulsions of this Govt that they are not able to absorb the extra price increase and make the commodity available to the people at a fixed price. With this trend it is quite possible that the petrol prices might breach the 120 mark. Earlier people were speculating that it would ot cross 100 and if does Govt will do something to absorb the loss but Govt this time seems to pass on this to the public. The plight of senior citizens is always bad when such things happen and most of them were already sharing he ride with friends even when the petrol was Rs 60 or 70 so what they would do now. That is one part and other part is that increase in petrol prices have an impact on many other items and then a chain reaction starts. I think Govt should take some immediate steps to curtail this unprecedented rise in the prices of petrol. That is a common public demand and will help people to a great extent.
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    When oil price increases it affects the price of all other items also. Rs 100/- or more than Rs 100/- will not refrain commuters from using vehicles. Those people whose earning is good will not be affected even price hime continues but what about those people who are jobless or have no source of income, what they should do? The lower class or lower middle class is badly affected. According to a report, the monthly income of 97% of indians has decreased. When an employee who was withdrawing Rs 50k earlier now getting Rs 30k or Rs 40k, it means the profit of companies is increasing.
    The situation will worsen in the coming days. More people will be unemployed or will face disguised unemployment.

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    I don't think increase in fuel price will affect the common man. Because, as and when the fuel price increases the salary of an individual also increases substantiallly as dearness allowance to meet the increase in prices of commodities. All labours demand more wages for their works. A tailor charges more. A barber charges more. Auto and taxi drivers earn more. We need to think very clearly about the hike in fuel price. Not to cry.
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    The Union Minister for Petroleum, Shri Dharmendra Pradhan, has categorically agreed that the rising fuel prices is problematic but has expressed helplessness in the present situation and has stated that the government requires to save money for welfare purposes. So, the price hike has not been hiked due to the rise in international crude oil prices and is not a matter of necessity but of the financial requirement of the government.
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    The petrol price hike can be handled easily only by our people and not by any Government. As long as our people erratically using their two wheeler, cars etc., without minding the price (not hike) of petrol or diesel, the price hike will go up and up. The middleman only worries about anything but no rich or BPL people do not care on this. We can, once the lifting of curfew or lock down, see how many vehicles are flying on the road. Many of knows well that most of the vehicles flying without any purpose. If such flying reduced only or stopped vehement only, the price of the fuel can be controlled. Otherwise we have to close our mouth with the mask already covered.

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    The trend of rising cost of petroleum products is not going well the consumers since this can push up the prices of so many essential commodities. This cycle of becoming all the commodities dearer cannot be arrested and this will become a continuous cycle. This is not the opportune time to increase the price of petroleum products keeping in view of its wide effects on the prices of the different products. Public is already facing financial crisis since many people have lost their jobs and even the street vendors don't have massive income since turn up of the people has diminished due to pandemic phase. The present situation needs to evaluated by the government.

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    There is no use of crying about the fuel price hike. As rightly said by Pattabhi, people are misusing or over using the fuel unnecessarily. Where we can go by walk or cycle, we are using a scooter or bike or moped or car. I do not think any common man cries over this fuel price hike issue. It is only the politicians who make noise to defame the government for political gain. Let us not worry much about the fuel price hike, but try to change the mode of transport. Walk on foot- Use bicycles - Use government buses -Share your vehicles.

    Don' try to use your vehicles to go for a leak.

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    We are all worried about the hike in petrol prices. But what about the common commodities like oil? Now 1ltr oil refined pkt is sold at Rs.180/-. Few months back we were made to pay Rs.125/- per Kg for onions.

    Here also the constant hike in Petrol prices would affect the common man. The impact on Club class people i.e the Business and political circles and the officials provided with Transport facilities would be lesser. As someone suggested, the minimal usage of vehicles would help but I am not sure it would help in reducing the prices.


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    @SuN: Perhaps you are not affected by price hike. It is not only petrol or diesel, price hike of all essential commodities is also making life difficult for commonmen. Do you know a large number of people earn less than Rs 5000/- per.month. Those who use bikes or cars they will not stop using it because they are not poor , they will continue using their vehicles if oil price touches Rs 300/- per litre.
    Now situation is that even barber is charging more money from customers and reason is obvious how to bear expenses of his family has become difficult for him.

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    Why should a guy earning Rs. 5000/= per month shell out his hard earned money to pay for the fuel? On an average, the poor guy earns 5000/30 = Rs 166 per day and wishes to possess a vehicle. If the fuel price is reduced to Rs. 50/- and if his vehicle gives 40KMPL, will it be alright for him to commute 40 KMs everyday from his home to workplace and back home. Is it economical? Yours is not a valid justification.

    It would be better to sit and beg from one place to make a good living than holding a vehicle and earn Rs. 166/- a day.

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    I will not be surprised if the petrol price touches Rs 120/ litre. It all depends on the crude oil price in the international market. The Government of India may not dare to increase the excise duty anymore. The high price of petrol and diesel is due to the excise duty by the Union government. There is no need to control the use of petroleum products. It may become necessary if the foreign exchange reserves are low. We have sufficient foreign exchange reserves.
    The people who say the high price of diesel and petrol does not affect the common people are far from reality. The high prices will have a cascading effect on many consumables which will affect the common man. The government can do something to reduce the burden but it is not inclined to. Now it is for the public to teach a lesson to the government.

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