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    It is important to understand the importance of sustainable agriculture in time.

    Agriculture is an important means of the country's economy and at the same time, one of the largest sections of people of the country continues to depend on agriculture for its income even today. Various techniques are used to increase the maximum productive capacity of the crop through new modernization experiments, but in many cases, their negative impact on the quality of the land is seen. Whether it is seeds or pesticides, or adulterated manure, soil quality is getting worse due to all of them. It is very important that everyone should promote organic agriculture and adopt sustainable agriculture.
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    Whenever people are looking for improvement they must also think about whether it has any adverse impact. While every farmer will think of increasing productivity, if the land is adversely affected by the use of certain fertilizers or chemicals then such methods will ultimately harm the business itself. Everything cannot be done artificially and one has to follow the correct procedure to get the maximum output. In that case, the impact it has on the environment must be seen. I think the government also has a role to promote organic farming.

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    India has been following the mixed economy concept since the Independence and for every five year plans there was alternative hype given to agriculture and Industry. But over the past few years some state governments has gone very far and constructed huge projects for the benefit of farmers in the long run and TS can be taken as example for having constructed big project. This resulted in barren lands in Telangana brought under the ambit of agricultural development and we are now surplus states for many produce. But nature plays havoc on those farm lands which always depends on the copious rains the farmers has to face the brunt and they feel leftover. The latest center reach out with new farm laws were the result of helping out to farmers who have been suffering since many years but for that opposition says no.
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    Sustainable agriculture is the need of the hour. The fertilisers, insecticides and pesticides that are being used are doing harm more than favours. The yields may be more by using these chemicals but the quality of the products may not be very good. The remnants of these insecticides and pesticides in the products may cause more problems to mankind. At the same time, the land may lose its strength and slowly yields will also come down. So one should take the necessary steps to avoid these issues. Organic farming is a good answer for this. Crop change is another aspect one should consider for making land reinforced with strength.
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    I agree with the author and to the message given in this thread that the introduction of chemicals in farming has caused degradation in soil immensely.
    I heard a farmer saying on camera from the Delhi protest site that some farmers of Nasik signed a contract with a company to cultivate the grapes for producing liquor. The company supplied the farmers seeds, fertilizers and all other chemicals required for having a good crop of grapes.
    After a few years the company stopped paying money to the farmers then farmers told them to quash the contract and they did it. Then farmers sowed seeds of other crops but their soil had been destroyed, no other crop could be cultivated except grapes. Now their land has become a waste or a barren land for all other crops because of usage of a particular type of chemicals.
    Farmers need to go for organic farming instead of looking for any other fertiliser which is expected to grow more crops for them as they don't know what will happen to their land if harmful chemicals are used.

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    Sustaining agriculture and agricultural activities is very important for a country especially like India whose large part of population is living in villages. Govt has done many things for agriculture sector but many more things are needed to make the farmers happy and self reliant. The new generation does not want to carry the farming work due to various reasons but Govt has to find ways to reverse this trend so that our young generation do not move out from the villages for a small job in the towns and cities. The average income of the farmers have to increase significantly if we are really interested to sustain the agriculture in the future in our country. How to do it especially for the small farmers is a question which is always a challenge to the ruling party. I hope that more friendly options and facilities for farmers will be announced by the present regime for sustaining the agriculture in our country.
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