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    What does the last wish of Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru indicate?

    Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru in his last will and testament desired when he died he has to be cremated and a handful of his ashes to be thrown in river Ganga and the remaining ashes to be taken high into air through aeroplane and to be scattered into the soils of India where the peasants toil day and night. He wants his ashes to become a part of soil and become indistinguishable part of India. He desired no part of his ashes to be preserved and must become a part of Indian soil. Do you find his great patriotism lies in his last wish?
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    No doubt Nehru is a great Patriot and wanted India to develop. He worked with Gandhiji and toiled for independence to the country. We all know what happened after independence.
    Nehru is also a well-wisher of his family. He wanted his family members also to devote their time to the country. That is why he wanted his daughter also to be in politics and serve the country. She served the country as Prime Minister successfully and thus made her father's wishes real.
    He wanted to be a part of Indian soil so that he will be with the country forever and see the progress of this country. His patriotism is visible perfectly in his last wish.

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    Since Pandit Nehru was born and raised in Allahabad where the Ganga flows through. He had a deep attachment with the Ganga which, in his opinion, is the witness of culture, civilisation, hopes, victories, defeats and all old memories of India's ages-long history are intertwined with this river.
    Indeed, he was a great patriot. He served this country wholeheartedly. He wished in his will that a minor part of his ashes should be immersed in the Ganga and he clarified in his will that his attachment with the Ganga was not due to any religious significance but because he loved it.
    He further willed that a major part of his ashes should be scattered over the fields where farmers toiled hard to earn food for people. He wished to become an inseparable and integral part of Indian soil.
    This detail will is part of the English 10th class in U.P.Board.

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    While many of us are not present during his tenure as the PM , Pandit Nehru has been credited with huge developments made by India and that should be the criteria as India was rising against the bitter taste of partition and his huge hype plans were supported fully. But my father used to tell about how he was leading the very luxurious life those days totally misusing the money and and power. That his dresses were imported and they used to be washed and ironed through the special dakota plane to and fro to England those days wasting public money. He was not having respect for the Hindus sentiments and once he visited the holy hills of Tirumala during his tenure and the media persons asked about the darshan and the great details of God Venkateshwara. But he chose to give full marks for the hilly place locales.
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    The last wish of Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru shows his affection for the river Ganga and also his love for this country. Nehruji was the first Prime Minister of India and continued in that capacity until his death. He is fondly remembered as the modern architect of India.
    Motilal Nehru was his father and was a successful lawyer. Nehruji was born in a rich family and enjoyed all the luxuries of life until he joined Gandhiji in his fight for the independence of India from the British. He sacrificed all the luxuries and followed Gandhiji. He was wearing khadi clothes after joining Gandhiji. I do not know in those days these khadi clothes are taken to England or Paris to be washed and pressed for Nehruji to use them. Really wonder, how people go to any absurdities to tarnish the character of a person who sacrificed everything for the country.

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